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Why is Learning Agility Important?

Wendy Tan

Author, Keynote Speaker & Managing Partner of Flame Centre | Human Skills Institute

Updated 28 May 2024


Learning agility is the capability to learn different skills easily and quickly. An agile learner knows what skills they want to learn and how to learn effectively. They also monitor their learning to improve their learning productivity.

Agile learners go beyond what they learn to focus on how they learn.

Why is Learning Agility Important Now?

The disruption caused by digitalization, automation, and big data is changing how value is created, how work is done, and how organizations operate. This speed of change compels organizations to change their business model rapidly. These developments result in the creation of new jobs and demands for new skills.

Similarly, various think tanks have listed learning skills as one of the top skills to thrive in the future of work. They include:

  • The World Economic Forum: Active learning and learning strategies amongst 10 skills

  • McKinsey: 56 skills including the ability to learn

  • OECD: Learning how to learn skills and metacognition

  • Pearson: Active Learning and Learning Strategies amongst top 10 skills in US and UK

  • SkillsFuture: Learning Agility amongst 16 critical core skills

Source: World Economic Forum

Source: Pearson

How does Learning Agility Help?

At an individual level, learning agility helps us to:

  • Develop new skills and capabilities quickly

  • See the world anew and be able to think of new ideas

  • Have more career options and feel more empowered to do good work

At an organizational level, a learning workforce means:

  • High level of nimbleness in uncertain and rapidly changing situations

  • The ability to find new answers when previously proven strategies fail

  • The success rate of business transformation increases

At a country level, a learning nation leads to:

  • Skilled workforce to attract investments in growth areas

  • People making smoother transitions to new industries and jobs

  • Higher GDP and happiness index

Strategic workforce upskilling at the national and organizational level as well as learning agility at the individual level are keys to the success of the countries, organizations, and employees alike.

Now, if you believe learning agility is important, the next question is whether we can develop learning agility in ourselves and our people.

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