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Learning Agility book by Dr Wendy Tan



by Wendy Tan PhD  |  14 Feb 2024

"Thought-provoking insightful research."
Archana Karthik  

APAC Learning Leader  | IBM Consulting

"Investing the time to read the book will enhance your learning agility to keep pace in this rapidly changing world."
Robin Speculand 
Best Sel
ling Author World's Best Bank

"Full of interesting examples and useful probes for professionals to cultivate learning agility."
Ringo Ho
sociate Professor | Nanyang Technological University

Machines are learning faster and smarter. What about you? Do you truly know how to learn and unlock your full potential? The surprising answer is that most of us don't. Sure, we absorb information, but effective learning is an art few truly master. Yet, in today's rapidly changing landscape, the ability to learn continuously and adapt swiftly is your competitive edge.

Learning Agility: Relearn, Reskill, and Reinvent is your indispensable guide to unlocking the full potential of your learning prowess. Inside, you'll discover:

🤝 The pivotal factor sustaining lifelong learning and how to maximize its impact.
🤝 Essential learning attitudes beyond the Growth Mindset to improve learning productivity.
🤝 How to design your own accelerated learning process to gain mastery faster with less effort.
🤝 How to shape your workplace into your learning playground, propelling your personal and 

      professional growth.
🤝 Strategies to foster a culture of learning in your team, amplifying collective results.

About  Dr Wendy Tan - Learning Agility book
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Other Ways to Develop Learning Agility?
Wendy keynote


WT keynote_edited.jpg

Engage Wendy for inhouse workshops to educate your people and scale learning in your team or organization.

Engage Wendy for inhouse workshops to educate your people and scale learning in your team or organization.

Engage Wendy to intrigue and inspire your people to take action in their learning.

Learning Agility workshop by Dr Wendy Tan


Learning Agility workshop by Dr Wendy Tan

Engage Wendy for inhouse workshops to educate your people and scale learning in your team or organization.

Articles and Videos
Check out our 90s videos for actionable tips on Learning Agility.
Learning Agility
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"As a five-decade veteran in the learning field, I must applaud the author. While the words learning agility are newish, their heritage is not. The author takes you through her thinking as she delved into this topic. Her ideas and recommendations are solid. Rest assured, she did this work so that her readers can take the next steps and apply it to their own approach."
Dr Beverly Kaye
Author of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em and Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

"In the age of AI, it's more important than ever to learn how to learn."
Ong Whee-Teck 
Technology Consulting Partner in Big Four



"Provides a good foundation for organizations to succeed in today's disruptive environment through accelerated employee learning."
Loh Wei Lyn 
CEO | Asia Capital Reinsurance Group 
More Praise About Learning Agility
Buy the book. Gift the book.
Frequently Asked Questions

This book is an output from a question, “When machines are learning faster and smarter, what about human beings? How are we learning? How can we learn more effectively?” This question led me to my doctoral studies and I spent 4 years conducting research (and drinking lots of coffee); interviewing professionals and analyzing survey data. I want these insights to be useful to you and hence this book.

Why did Wendy write Learning Agility?

Unlock your potential. Thrive in change. Transform your future. By cultivating your learning agility, you'll not only stay relevant in our ever-evolving world but also gradually reinvent yourself and expand your horizons. Embrace this opportunity to contribute your unique gifts to solve complex challenges and savor a more fulfilling life

Why should I read Learning Agility?

This book distills extensive research and insights from 360 professionals into actionable strategies, empowering you to become a more agile and effective learner. The data is from 25 qualitative interviews with career swtichers, a quantitative survey with a sample size of 340 professionals and multiple case studies with people of varying levels of learning agility capability.

What is the data behind this book?

Whether you're a dedicated professional seeking career growth, navigating a career transition, or simply seeking multidisciplinary expertise, this book is for you. Even if you're a manager or educator developing others, these ideas will empower you.

Who is Learning Agility for?

I will turn this question back to you. Do you want to learn continuous and adapt to changes? Do you want more time, motivation and consistency in your learning? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this book will be useful to you.

Is Learning Agility for people who need to upskill? I am quite happy with my status quo.

Depending on your reading habits, it could take 3 to 5 hours. More importantly, this book prompts you to reflect to have self-awareness to cultivate different learning habits.

How long does it take to read Learning Agility?

Great question! We believe everyone should learn, so we have created a few ways to help. 1. Keynotes on Learning Agility to inspire the whole company and educate your workforce. 2. Learning Agility Workshops to learn about your organization’s Learning Agility Profile™ and help your employees develop personalised learning strategies. 3. Learning Agility On-Demand Course: Want to develop your learning agility at your own pace? With Videos of Wendy as your guide, this on-Demand course will take you through the steps to improve your learning agility. All you need is a partner and an open mind!

How can we build a learning culture?

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