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Navigate unknowns by learning anew.

Accelerate upskilling and reskilling.

Build an empowered learning culture.

Learning Agility is the ability to learn other skills
easily and quickly. 

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Core Skills
Will Change


The ability to learn is the
ultimate competitive advantage.

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Benefits to You

Wendy Tan - Learning Agility Keynote



Foster an empowered learning culture and equip your people to thrive in the future of work. Learn about our tailored consulting solutions.
Learning Agility workshop by Dr Wendy Tan



Improve your learning productivity, adapt swiftly, and unlock your full potential. Check out our Learning Agility workshops, available for professionals and managers. 



Provide your audience with transformative insights to empower their learning journeys. Engage Wendy for inspiring and data-driven keynotes at your next conference or learning festival.
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Discover your strengths and learning gaps with your personalized Learning Agility Profile™. Gain research-based strategies to increase your learning productivity.

The Story

"Machines are learning faster and smarter. What about human beings?"

This question led me to return to school to find new answers to old questions. I spent four years researching lifelong learning in my doctoral studies. I interviewed career switchers, conducted quantitative analyses to distill the significant factors, and examined what top, average, and bottom learners did differently. Little did I know that this research journey would parallel my learning and transformation as an entrepreneur and researcher. I am grateful for this journey.

How Is This Book Organized?

In this book, I talk about the what and why of learning agility. The bulk of the book goes into the how of learning agility:
The pivotal factor sustaining lifelong learning and how to maximize its impact.

Essential learning attitudes beyond the Growth Mindset to improve learning productivity.

How to design your own accelerated learning process to gain mastery faster with less effort.

How to shape your workplace into your learning playground, propelling your personal and professional growth.

Strategies to foster a culture of learning in your team, amplifying collective results.

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More Praise About Learning Agility


Author of Love 'Em or Lose 'Em and Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go

As a five-decade veteran in the learning field, I must applaud the author.

While the words learning agility are newish, their heritage is not. The author

takes you through her thinking as she delved into this topic. Her ideas and recommendations are solid. Rest assured, she did this work so that

her readers can take the next steps and apply it to their own approach.

Chief Skills Officer
SkillsFuture, Singapore

Learning agility, or agile learning, is the fundamental capability needed for life. This book is a practical guide to leverage agile learning for ongoing transformation to achieve our life goals.

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Chief Learning Officer


Learning Agility informs not just the 'what' but the 'how' towards improving one's learning effectiveness as a key differentiator. A simple, practical and applicable read that will help you uncover your learning profile and build your own strategies to improve.



Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Pedagogy, Nanyang Technological University

Through robust evidence, this book dispels the notion that adult learning is predominantly governed by innate factors, demonstrating that learning agility is a skill that can be developed and honed with targeted practices and mindsets. It’s a practical and engaging guide for anyone eager to sharpen their mental toolkit.

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APAC Learning Leader
IBM Consulting

Thought-provoking insightful research. Important for organizations to build an agile workforce with the right skills to succeed.

Best Selling Author
World's Best Bank

Investing the time to read the book will enhance your learning agility to keep pace in this rapidly changing world.

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Asia Capital Reinsurance Group 

Provides a good foundation for organizations to succeed in today's disruptive environment through accelerated employee learning.

Associate Professor
Nanyang Technological University
and editor of Entrepreneurship-Professionalism-Leadership

Easy to follow, this book is full of interesting and useful examples, probes, and nudges to help professionals understand what learning agility is and how to cultivate it in themselves.

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Citizen of Cincinnati

Author of ten best-selling books

including Flawless Consulting

and Activating the Common Good 

A testimony to the importance of learning. A pathway to a life that matters. A generous invitation to the future you have in mind, even if you cannot name it at this moment.

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 Download book chapters.

Discover Your Learning Agility Profile™ Here!

An empirically validated research-based tool to understand your strengths and
opportunities as an agile learner. 

How To Learn Better?

Get a 13-page report with your personalized Learning Agility profile to improve your learning productivity.

Find out:
  • What motivates your learning?

  • How do your attitudes influence your learning?

  • What are the strengths in how you learn?

  • How you can be a more effective learner?

  • How to shape your environment to support your learning

Check out our resources for actionable tips on Learning Agility.
Learning Agility Profile


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Wendy write Learning Agility?

This book is an output from a question, “When machines are learning faster and smarter, what about human beings? How are we learning? How can we learn more effectively?” This question led me to my doctoral studies and I spent 4 years conducting research (and drinking lots of coffee); interviewing professionals and analyzing survey data. I want these insights to be useful to you and hence this book.

Why should I read Learning Agility?

Unlock your potential. Thrive in change. Transform your future. By cultivating your learning agility, you'll not only stay relevant in our ever-evolving world but also gradually reinvent yourself and expand your horizons. Embrace this opportunity to contribute your unique gifts to solve complex challenges and savor a more fulfilling life

What is the data behind this book?

This book distills extensive research and insights from 360 professionals into actionable strategies, empowering you to become a more agile and effective learner. The data is from 25 qualitative interviews with career swtichers, a quantitative survey with a sample size of 340 professionals and multiple case studies with people of varying levels of learning agility capability.

Who is Learning Agility for?

Whether you're a dedicated professional seeking career growth, navigating a career transition, or simply seeking multidisciplinary expertise, this book is for you. Even if you're a manager or educator developing others, these ideas will empower you.

Is Learning Agility for people who need to upskill? I am quite happy with my status quo.

I will turn this question back to you. Do you want to learn continuous and adapt to changes? Do you want more time, motivation and consistency in your learning? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this book will be useful to you.

How long does it take to read Learning Agility?

Depending on your reading habits, it could take 3 to 5 hours. More importantly, this book prompts you to reflect to have self-awareness to cultivate different learning habits.

How can we build a learning culture?

Great question! We believe everyone should learn, so we have created a few ways to help. 1. Keynotes on Learning Agility to inspire the whole company and educate your workforce. 2. Learning Agility Workshops to learn about your organization’s Learning Agility Profile™ and help your employees develop personalised learning strategies. 3. Learning Agility On-Demand Course: Want to develop your learning agility at your own pace? With Videos of Wendy as your guide, this on-Demand course will take you through the steps to improve your learning agility. All you need is a partner and an open mind!

Buy the book. Gift the book.
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*FREE Shipping in Singapore

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