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Career Resilience in a Changing World

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Are you thinking of these questions?
What is my next career step? 
What am I really good at? 
What am I known for? 
What do I need to learn? 
What am I passionate about that also pays the bills? 
How can I navigate and grow in my career?

Why you should plan your career

You’re not alone, these are really important questions to guide 45 years of your work life! Imagine if you had answers to these questions, you will be focused to get ahead, learning interesting skills, doing what you love and feeling happy and fulfilled. Work becomes a playground to grow and be your best. You will be valued at work and find options to grow in your organization. 


However, the reality is often we are not taught to be strategic with our careers. We are told to find a job and be promoted. But there are only so few ‘up’ places. We are often too busy working to reflect on our career. Our managers cannot tell us where to go in our career. No one can be certain about the future with the constant restructuring. We also don’t have a process or tools to help us plan our career. 


So what happens? We end up drifting in our career! The worst is we end up in something that we don’t like. We feel unhappy or bored at work. We lose our motivation. Work becomes a burden. 


It doesn’t need to be like this. Here is an alternative - be a savvy careerist. 

Participant's Perspective

Why is Career Planning So Critical?

Workshop Fees
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Our framework:


Our tools to help you: 

Up is not the only way

Our workshop is time tested based on the bestselling book,
Up is Not the Only Way, and it has been
conducted globally for the past 25 years! 


This is what our participants say: 

These are the most practical tools for career development we have ever seen. The examples are inspiring too.

The career framework is definitely helpful, it’s good that we learn the step by step approach,  so it’s clearer and easier to apply. The workshop is an eye-opener, I gained knowledge and enjoyed the learning process!

A highly engaging and insightful workshop on career development. I learnt practical principles related to career management. I am inspired to take action. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all professionals - both young and seasoned.

Joel Leong, Director, Talent Management, Human Resources (2022)

Whether you’re ambitious and driven, young in the workforce, a mid-careerist or just wondering what’s next for you in your career, if you want to take ownership of your career, find options to grow and thrive in your career, join us. 


We have a public workshop coming soon, 9 am to 6 pm (face-to-face). It’s SkillsFuture funded for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents! SkillsFuture credit apply if you’re self-sponsored pay. Organizations that support employees in their career development will reap the benefit of retaining, engaging and developing skilled talent. 

Here's what you get from this workshop:

  • Design your career and align your personal aspirations and organisation goals

  • Identify future trends and see the implications for your own career

  • Discover your skills, interests and values

  • Assess your reputation; learn to manage your personal “brand”

  • Set career direction with multiple flexible options, beyond just promotion

  • Prepare for a career conversation with your manager

Still unsure? Reach out for a non-obligatory 15 min chat.
We help you understand your objectives and if this workshop is a fit for you or your employees.

Upcoming Public Workshop

9.00 am to 6.00 pm SGT 

Pathway badges-02.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Who usually attends your workshops? 

  • We have had both young and ambitious staff wondering how to stretch themselves and mid-careerist thinking about their next step. Typically their organization supports their participation. We also have some who are self-sponsored joining us. These participants want to take charge of their career. 

Why should organizations invest in their employees’ career development? 

  • So you help people find options to grow in your organization.

  • A sense of responsibility to help your people stay employable. 

  • To match their skills and passions to the needs and strategy of the organization. 

What if employees realise this is not the place for them after attending the workshop? 

  • This depends on your philosophy. There is a remote chance this could happen, our position, along with many enlightened organizations, is that it is better for employees to discover early on if really the organization is not the right fit for them, so they are happier and you spend your resources developing other staff who want to stay for the longer term.

How do I know you’re the best in this topic? 

  • We have been running these workshops globally for the past 25 years. Our career development frameworks have won awards from HRO Today and ATD. 

  • Our workshops are also based on bestselling books such as Up is Not the Only Way and Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go. 

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