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microLEARNING Solutions

small doses, BIG LEARNING


Need to organise bite-size learning solutions for your employees?

Have a learning festival coming up and need different topics?

Want to engage and keep your workforce learning continuously throughout the year?

Have a regional meeting coming up and want to inspire new perspectives? 

We have a series of microLEARNING solutions to fill your calendar with inspiring, insightful and impactful learning.
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Check out our microLEARNING Solutions

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Our Speakers

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Up is Not the Only Way: Career Resilience in 5 Steps


People who see how they can grow with your organization will contribute more, be more productive and innovative. How do you build a strong pipeline of talent in your organisation? By supporting their career development, people find options to grow and stay in the organization. 


Speaker: Jasmine Liew or Joan Chan


Wholeness@Work: Wellbeing, Balance and Adaptability in Hybrid + Remote Work


Organizations and leaders who care for their workforce create conditions for them to be at their best, thereby equipping their organizations to thrive through change and disruption. These conditions create a workforce that is empathetic, yet agile and resilient, thereby embracing change as an opportunity for improvement.


Speaker: Wendy Tan


Performance Conversations: Managing Upwards to Do your Best Work 


It is not possible to perform one's best without alignment of aspirations and sense of meaning. How do we manage upwards effectively to do our best work?


Speaker: Lee Kang Yam


Thinking Skills for Better Decisions: Upping your Thinking Game

Critical Thinking? Design Thinking? Holistic Thinking? Lateral Thinking? There is a plethora of thinking skills available. We need a simple and effective framework to know what is needed for each type of scenario. I have a marketing challenge – should it be Design Thinking or should I put on my Six Thinking Hats? What is holistic thinking anyway? To make better decisions and impact results, be smarter than our problems.

Speaker: Tan Hong Wee


Learning Agility: Learn Fast | Skilled Fast


The World Economic Forum, McKinsey and SkillsFuture have listed learning agility as one of the top critical skills. Learn to identify the right skills for you to be future fit. Improve your learning productivity through an effective research-based process. Maximise the translation of learning to application to learn fast and be skilled fast. 


Speaker: Wendy Tan



Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations to Develop and Retain Talent


It is not possible for an organization to meet its goals with a disengaged, insufficiently skilled and unmotivated workforce. How does a development-minded manager bring out the best in their employees?


Speaker: Jasmine Liew or Beverly Kaye


Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em®: Engagement & Retention in a Hybrid + Remote Work


Employee engagement is key, and affects the dynamics of the whole organisation. How do we develop critical skills to build a high performing team and an engaged workforce in remote work? 


Speaker: LX Tan or Beverly Kaye


Performance Conversations for Manager: Fair Appraisals in  Hybrid + Remote Work


With hybrid work, how can managers align, inspire and empower the team and individual objectives? How can they manage remote workers’ fear of bias and possible disadvantage in the appraisal? What do managers need to do differently? 


Speaker: Lee Kang Yam


Learning Team | Learning Organizations

What happens when your team learns together? Not only do individuals grow, engagement levels, team spirit and results skyrocket too. Learn to be a learning coach, facilitate a feedback-rich environment and ways to build strong learning cultures in your teams, leading to a learning organization. 


Speaker: Wendy Tan


Hello Stay Interview: Goodbye Talent Loss


When do we ask, “What can I do to keep you”? Yes, at the exit interview! But we know that’s too late. So why don’t we do stay interviews instead? Managers either do not know how or do not realize how it can really help. Learn how to build connection, trust and commitment to have regular stay conversations, so organizations have a chance to keep their people. 

Speaker: Wendy Tan

Are you looking to upskill your team through microLEARNING? Chat with us today!
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Wendy addressed our employees live in Singapore and virtually in our Asia Pacific offices on the topic “Wholeness: Balance for Better”. Being a fast paced, high performance and family-friendly organisation, this topic was important and very relevant to us. Wendy led an engaging session, showing us how we can all achieve both in the work and personal spheres, providing practical ideas that we could take away and apply using her ABC framework towards wholeness. 

Katie Smith, Talent, Culture & Engagement Director, Asia Pacific, Experian

We worked with Flame Centre on the Future of HR in our regional meeting. It was definitely a productive, educational and fun session. Wendy was a great person to work with. She was very passionate during the preparation phase and had very good discussion on how we should build the training. Look forward to our paths crossing in future!



Thanks so much, Wendy! Your talk on "Love 'Em or Lose' Em: Getting Good People to Stay" was engaging and impactful. We had approximately 200 supervisors and managers attend your session and all learned a lot while also smiling and laughing. This is always a good sign. I really appreciated the way that you included opportunities for group interaction into your presentation and also your use of story-telling. I had many participants come up to me after the session excited to put the ideas into practice.

Joy Roman, HR Director, 3M Singapore

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