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Learning Agility Speaking Topics
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Learning Agility in a Disruptive World

Disruption is the new normal. AI is reshaping work. Upskill and reskill to be relevant.
New questions arise daily. Past formulas don't apply. Learn anew for new answers.

Imagine when an individual, a whole team, and a collective organization learns, 
what happens?

An organization thriving, achieving, and creating the future. 

Learning Agility is the bridge.

Speaking Engagements
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Keynote_Learning Agility
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Learning Agility Keynote
Learning Agility Keynote
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What Clients Say...

Wendy Tan takes a holistic approach in helping teams and organizations understand the practical ways of building a conducive environment to encourage continuous learning. Wendy’s work is particularly important and relevant in the current climate with a heightened level of uncertainties. Wendy has an energetic speaking style and she offers practical advice that provide the audience with useful takeaways.


Director, Human Resources  

Global Equality & Inclusion

Software Industry

The work on learning agility triggered a lot of deep thinking. It helps people think beyond their current job scope and instills a learning mindset that learning begins with

each one of us.

HR Strategy and Talent Management
Financial industry


Your session was thought-provoking and insightful. I liked the way you connected examples of your research to the audience. It was highly interactive and even humorous.

I take away something each time

I listen to you.


APAC Learning Leader
IBM Consulting

A huge thank you to Wendy for sharing valuable insights during our regional HR meeting on “Optimising Our Learning Agility!” The discussion was incredibly enriching and gave us plenty to think about. 


SVP Business 
Financial Industry


Organiser's Perspectives

Wendy Tan, PhD, CSP
Author, Speaker
The Flame Centre

Wendy Tan keynote topics

Hello, I am Wendy, I do what I do because I am concerned about the human world in a digital age. In a time when machines are learning, faster and smarter, what about human beings? How do we learn as a gateway to our transformation? How can we live and contribute meaningfully?  How can we nurture our own sense of wholeness, so that we create wholeness in the world around us?


These questions led me to go back to school, to find answers to these new questions. This led to the work on learning agility, informed by in-depth qualitative interviews with career switchers, and quantitative analyses on the predictors of learning outcomes, such as building capabilities, expansion in our sense of identity and positive outcomes, such as engagement, happiness and more career options. 

I am also the author of “Wholeness in a Disruptive World”, this book is born from a near-death experience and a fragmented life. Dying taught me about living. As I recovered from a bizarre bacterial infection, I discovered the ideas of wholeness – the coming together of opposites over time creates something more life-giving and sustainable. Wholeness has become a foundation for me to be more and do more.


In face of economic, political, climate and social fragmentation in an increasingly technological world, I believe the world needs our care, intellect and contribution. We are all part of the solution, and I hope my work on learning agility, wholeness and engagement can play a small role in creating a world that works for all. 

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"Learning Agility and Learning Organizations in Disruptive Times" in the International Handbook on Education Development in Asia Pacific
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