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Wendy Tan, PhD, CSP
Author, Speaker &
Managing Partner
The Flame Centre

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Speaking Synopses

The Power of Learning Agility:
Human Potential in an AI World


Disruption is the new normal. Automation and AI are reshaping the workforce, requiring mass redeployment to new roles and ways of working. Employees need to upskill and reskill to stay relevant and contribute in ways machines can't. Careers are also shifting from single-expertise "T" shapes to multi-skilled "M" shapes. But how can busy professionals learn quickly and consistently?


The future of work demands constant learning. New questions arise daily, and navigating this ever-changing landscape requires finding new answers. Past formulas don’t apply. Traditional procedures become outdated. Do our workforce have the ability to learn anew and iterate for solutions?

Organizations need the right talent and skills to thrive. Learning agility is key to learning productively for maximum return on learning investments. Before sending employees to training, are they prepared to absorb, assimilate, and apply their learning?


Whilst the future is uncertain, learning is the path forward. A uniquely human advantage, learning allows us to adapt, innovate, and find solutions. Learning agility ensures humans remain irreplaceable in the face of change.


In this highly interactive session, you will:

  • Re-evaluate the role of learning for personal and career growth

  • Learn the best practices of self-learners who thrived in their careers

  • Understand the levers of learning agility and assess where you are in this learning equation

  • Reflect on your barriers to accelerated learning

  • Use quick tips to be a more productive learner



This keynote will cover:

  • What, why, and how of learning agility

  • Components of learning motivation

  • Attitudes that inspire continuous learning

  • Accelerated learning process with meta-learning ability and strategies

  • Workplace conditions that support your learning


Employees at all levels

Based on the findings from extensive research involving in-depth qualitative interviews and quantitative analyses with working professionals who needed to learn new skills to be successful in their careers.

Learning Agility by Dr Wendy Tan

Learning Agility in Organizations:

Upskill, Adapt and Grow

Leaders play a pivotal role in steering strategy success by cultivating a learning workforce poised to master future skills, drive innovation, and sharpen competitive advantage. By fostering a culture of learning agility, leaders empower employees to upskill and reskill swiftly to changing landscapes, encouraging continuous growth and innovation.


To achieve this, leaders must leverage proven individual, team, and organizational factors for learning agility. What are the motivation and attitude factors that drive lifelong learning? Do our people know how to accelerate learning? What is the most important workplace factor that keeps people learning and contributing to organizational success? What about the role of teams and managers in fostering learning?

In the future of work, we know we need to upskill and contribute in ways that robots or algorithms cannot. Learning is not attending training. Learning is also not consuming content on the phone. Learning is also not sustained by incentives. Leaders can make a pivotal difference by developing a learning culture and learning workforce.


This interactive session will inspire leaders that they scale their contribution by building learning teams and learning cultures. In this highly interactive session, managers will:

  • Re-evaluate the role of leaders in the upskilling equation

  • Understand the competitive advantage of a learning team, a learning culture

  • Learn the individual and organizational learning factors to build learning cultures

  • Identify quick tips to encourage learning teams and learning organizations

  • Use questions to ignite self-directed learning in your employees

  • Learn a few quick tips to accelerate their people’s learning


This keynote will cover:

  • Levers of learning agility at the individual, team and organization level

  • Workplace conditions that create a learning team culture

  • Accelerated learning process with metalearning strategies

  • Structure of reflection and role of the manager in triggering reflective insight

  • Apply routines in meetings to help their team learn, experiment, and iterate


C-suite, leaders, and managers. Human resources & learning and development professionals who are in charge of talent development and learning culture.

Based on the findings from extensive research involving in-depth qualitative interviews and quantitative analyses with working professionals who needed to learn new skills to be successful in their careers.

Learning Agility by Dr Wendy Tan
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