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Career Coaching
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Career Coaching for Managers
 Engage, Develop & Retain
Your Employees


is one of the top drivers of productivity engagement and retention of high potentials and performers.

Yet it is one of the neglected areas, often scoring lowly in engagement surveys.

Employees want to grow and develop.

But managers shy away because we think we need to have all the answers.

Career development

How do you ensure success in engaging,
developing and retaining your employees?

Start Meaningful Career Conversations With Your Employees.

What questions do you ask employees in your career conversations?

Here are some suggestions:

  • What is career success to you?

  • What are your core skills?

  • What are the interests you want to develop?

  • What possibilities do you see in your career?

  • What skills do you need to be successful? 


Managers Need to Ask Employees These Questions to . . . 


  • Understand their employees' motivations, deploy their strengths and engage them as they find meaningful growth in the organization. 

  • Help employees develop relevant skills to contribute and stay employable. ​

  • Retain skilled talent by aligning employee career aspirations and organization needs. 

Career conversations
help employees
grow and develop

CareerPower® Classic for Managers​

watch them grow book

Based on the concepts from Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go and Up is Not The Only Way by Beverly Kaye:

CareerPower® Classic for Managers is an applied learning experience that enables managers to use the award winning model as a career coach to:


Our Framework & Tools Used In the Workshop

Career Power Classic for Managers

Participant's Perspective

What Our Clients Say

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 I enrolled into career coaching course through my company. The course depth was good; not too lengthy and overwhelming. Throughout the course, we have the opportunities to role play in small groups enabling us to practice what we learnt. Trainer is professional and share her thoughts whenever she felt it could be better. She also help us with our queries and share her personal experience of handling situations where we are experiencing. If you have not attended any career coaching course, I strongly recommend you to attend this course to give yourself a breakthrough to be a better manager.

Cora Leong


As a HR Practitioner, I found the content and style of the workshop very useful in managing career development conversation with employees. The content has an easy flow of guided and impactful questions for managers when dealing with conversations which can be difficult or at times uninformative in drawing feedback from employees. Wendy (the trainer) used some very practical examples to help relate to the topics and I feel I learnt a great deal, which I have put to use at work pretty quickly as I manage career conversations with my staff.

Dina Ishwarlal
Sr. Director People Team, Asia,
AETN Asia (2021)


We conducted a series of CareerPower workshops for managers. Our managers shared it was a great course with the most practical tools for career development and IDPs we have ever seen. The examples provided were inspiring too. Thank you for working with us to build a culture in Edwards Lifesciences.

Judy Heng
Human Resources Director
Edwards Lifesciences (Singapore) (2018)

Here's What You Will Learn From

Career Coaching Workshop To Engage, Develop & Retain Your Employees 

CareerPower® Classic for Managers​

Based on the thought leadership of Dr Beverly Kaye and accreditated by SkillsFuture Singapore, we help managers have the will and the skill to have meaningful career conversations. 

In our career coaching workshop:

  • we teach managers a time-tested framework to navigate meaningful and productive career conversations

  • we practice these conversational skills

  • we address tough answers on promotions and positions

  • we teach how to encourage employees to take ownership of their careers in a changing world of work

  • we teach how to help employees see multiple opportunities, that up is not the only way

Workshop Fees

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Average scores

Grow in Skills

We asked participants to rate their skills before and after the workshop to see how they have grown. These are the average scores across our Career Coaching workshops.

Grow in Contribution
We also asked participants to rate the outcomes of applying their Career Coaching skills. Here is the business impact.

Who Should Attend

People Managers who want to engage, develop and retain good employees and advance their skills as a talent magnet. 


We have a public workshop coming soon, 1.5 days9.00 am to 6.00 pm and 9.00 am to 12.30 pm (face-to-face). It’s SkillsFuture funded for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents! SkillsFuture credit applies if you’re self-sponsoring.


Organizations that support employees in their career development will reap the benefit of retaining, engaging, and developing skilled talent. 

Our workshop is time-tested based on the bestselling book Help Them Grow Or Watch Them Go, by Beverly Kaye and it has been conducted globally for the past 30 years!  

Career Coaching For Managers Workshop

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Career Coaching for Managers Workshop

Career Coaching for Managers
Engage, Develop & RetainYour Employees

It is not possible for an organization to meet its goals with a disengaged, insufficiently skilled and unmotivated workforce. How does a good manager bring out the best in their employees?

1.5 days 
Day 1: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm and
Day 2: 9.00 am to 12.30 pm


Frequently Asked Questions

Design Improvements in the 1.5-day Programme

With more time in this updated version, participants will be engaged in more experiential activities such as role-play activities with feedback from the trainer and fellow participants. They will also engage in discussions on the practical challenges they could face in having these conversations. 


The half-day can either be designed right after the workshop (so back-to-back) or 2-3 weeks after the workshop. The latter design is recommended as it gives participants some time to practice. It also increases accountability, gives them an opportunity to share successes and challenges and the trainer can guide them through specific challenges in their application. 

The assessment methods in this design are short written questions and role play. These are conducted on the ½ day, so it is essential for the participants to attend the ½ day to be eligible for the funding. There will not be 1:1 virtual assessments in this 1.5 day design.

Who usually attends your workshops? 

  • People managers who want to develop their skills in coaching and career conversations. 

  • Human resources professionals who want to support their business leaders in developing their people. 

Why is Career Coaching For Managers beneficial for people leaders? 

  • Disruption is leading to changing job roles and skills required to adapt and thrive; you will have the opportunity to reflect on your career too.

  • Managers have a role to guide people to develop skills and plan their careers with
    this changing future in mind. So you build skilled, agile and adaptable teams that contribute in the future of work. 


How do I know you’re the best in this topic? 

  • Our workshop is time-tested based on the bestselling book Help Them Grow Or Watch Them Go, by Beverly Kaye, and it has been conducted globally for the past 30 years.

Will I get any certificate for attending the workshop?

  • You will receive a Statement of Attainment from SkillsFuture Singapore based on the 'Career Coaching' competency in the Human Resources Framework.

  • You will also receive an e-certificate of completion from Flame Centre, which you can add to your Linkedin profile.

Updated on 2 May 2023
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