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In 2004, Wendy and Kang Yam left the comforts of their corporate jobs to pursue their purpose:
a space where people can find their best possibilities. 

Since then, they have built Flame Centre into what it is today - a human skills institute that has supported more than 100 organisations across the region through thought-leadership, consultancy and adult learning, training and development. 

Our Story


In 2003, Wendy took up a Masters in Organisational Development that brought her around the world to learn from some global thinkers and best practices in organisational learning and development. It was over the course of these foundational years that Wendy found her sense of purpose: to bring out the best in people.

This idealistic aspiration led to a conversation with her mentor, Peter Block. It was during this conversation where she quipped, "I would pursue this dream in my 40s - when I have more white hair.”

At that moment, he stopped her in her tracks, looked her straight into the eye and confronted gently: “You’ll have the same anxiety embracing your freedom in your 40s as you would now, so why not start now?”

This conversation led to a 6-month long experiment in 2004, and with the guide of advisors and mentors along the way, Wendy and her then-boyfriend and now-husband, Kang Yam, left their full-time jobs and never looked back since then.

Both of them have deepened their craft in their technical expertise of adult and organizational learning working with clients and partners, as well as, matured in their perspective on how they want to impact the world through their work. 


Through the years, Flame Centre has grown - and evolved - with the ever-changing needs of the global workforce as a human skills institute, but remained anchored in its purpose: to be a place where people can find their best possibilities.

Mission and Vision



In a world increasingly powered by technology, there is a need for us to not just adapt along the way, but to learn to be adaptable. Our vision is to build our ecosystem, our partners, and our clients to thrive in the future of work through strengthening both individual and organisational development capabilities. 



Through deep listening, empathy and connection, we work with people, for people. Our work with organisations and individuals to discover their best possibilities is geared towards the goal of building a world that works for all

- within the self, the workplace, and the ecosystem.







We contribute to the larger community; business is a means to create a world that works for all.

Science Student




We stay curious;
we experiment and we learn

Together at the Top




We cover each other; we support, challenge and inspire one another to be our best.

Pottery Workshop



We deliver excellent work; that keeps us at the top of our game




We find new ways; we keep going until we arrive.


Towards Wholeness
In Individuals, Teams and Organizations.

To empower in
dividuals, teams, and organizations to reach their fullest potential through the pursuit of wholeness, fostering a sense of connection, and
creating opportunities for growth and meaningful impact.

Grow Meaningfully
Grow Meaningfully = Grow Capabilities + Grow Contribution + Grow with Community

We believe that true growth is about more than just developing capabilities, it's about making a meaningful contribution to the world around us. That's why our approach to growth is centered on the principles of wholeness, community, and purpose, helping you not just grow in your capabilities,but also grow in your ability to make a difference.

Flame Centre photos Grow Meaningfully.jpg



Be Whole in their Spirit, Thinking and Actions

We are the instrument, things happen through us – our thoughts and actions. Wholeness in our spirits means more congruence. Wholeness in our thinking helps us to be creative. Wholeness in actions means we act with wisdom with alignment to the context.

Engage in Conversations that Matter

If we can't talk about it, how can we solve it? But honest conversations are rare. It requires compassion to put ourselves in the other's shoes and authenticity to speak our own truth. Truth and trust comes together. We teach people to engage in conversations that matter.

Learn, Apply and Learn

Learning is a lifelong process, not a single event. Learn from experience, people and content. Reflect what it means and how we might need to change. Apply the learning. Then gather feedback so you know if your application is working. Ultimately, learning how to learn is the meta-skill that guides us through the future. 

Build Partnerships

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We live in a web of interdependencies. Deepening partnerships with our staff, colleagues, managers, clients, stakeholders means more alignment, resources, ideas, commitment and accountability to contribute to a larger whole.

Our People
Wendy Tan
Lyn Wong
Bernard Chwee


Our Team

Dr Wendy Tan, Managing Partner | LinkedIn

An entrepreneur, speaker and learner, Wendy is committed to create a world that works for all. Concerned about how human beings are learning in an age where machines getting faster and smarter, Wendy started her doctoral studies focusing on adult lifelong learning in 2017. With these research insights and inspiration from her many years of talent development experience, Wendy is building Flame Centre as a Future Skills Institute and DevelopforLife, a “Discovery to Skill Mastery” learning experience software. Wendy is also the author of “Wholeness in a Disruptive World: Pearls of Wisdom from East and West” and a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), a designation conferred by the National Speakers Association as the international measure of professional platform competence. An awardee of the InnovPlus Spark and HRO Today Thought Leadership Awards, Wendy publishes regularly in T+D, OD Practitioner, Today Manager and Singapore Business Review.

Wendy Tan | Flame Centre

Dr Lee Kang Yam, Chief Learning Curator | LinkedIn

Lee Kang Yam

Kang Yam believes humanity is the last hope for business. With more than 25 years of talent development and consulting experience, his career revolves around building capabilities of individuals to fulfil individual and organisational goals. He has conducted various human resource development consultancies and interventions for companies in logistics, service industry, education, IT and government sectors. A trained instructional designer with a diploma in adult and continuing education (DACE), he has developed numerous training programmes. As a certified workplace learning specialists, he has also partnered with organizations to strategize their upskilling efforts. With a Master of Business Administration (Strategy) from Nanyang Business School, he is also pursuing his Doctor of Education with National Institute of Education in Singapore.

LX Tan, Senior Consultant/Trainer | LinkedIn

A leadership coach and team facilitator, LX infuses experiential learning in all his engagements through a strengths-based approach. He has been facilitating leadership and team development experiences with organizations across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. He also consults with clients on change initiatives and serves as an executive coach. LX’s extensive corporate experience spreads across the technology, military, education, manufacturing, FMCG and professional services industries. LX was formerly the Head of Learning Solutions at Harvard Business Publishing (Asia Pacific) and Head of Talent Development for 3M Singapore. A certified Solution Focused coach with the Canadian Council of Professional Certification and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, LX has graduated from RMIT University with a Masters of Education (Leadership & Management).

LX Tan
LX Tan.png

Jasmine Liew, Senior Consultant/Trainer | LinkedIn

Jasmine has trained and coached more than 10,000 global participants including C-suite and department heads, middle management, and executives in the Asia Pacific region. She strives “To Equip, Enable and Empower Leaders, Teams, and Employees to move towards greater success from “knowing (understand), doing (apply) to being (living it).” Her core expertise is cultivating psychological safety for high performing team, Jasmine published articles in The Straits Times, The New Paper, and The Business Times on her core expertise. Being a human resource leader for the past 20 years, Jasmine received The Training Leader of the Year Award 2017 in recognition of her effective learning and organisation development interventions for her corporate clients. Jasmine is the first global batch of Fearless Organisation Practitioners (Team Psychological Safety) by Prof Amy Edmondson, and a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF®), National Career Development Association (NCDA). 

Jasmine Liew

Joan Chan, Senior Consultant/Trainer | LinkedIn

With more than 20 years of progressive experience in driving strategic HR initiatives and enhancing employee engagement in the pursuit of organizational objectives, Joan believes that her higher purpose in life is to help other people build and develop their selves into the best version they can be. She is an HR practitioner, trainer, facilitator, and coach specializing in talent management & development,  organizational development & change, and leadership. Joan acquired most of her skills and expertise through her professional experience in leadership roles in the HR and Learning & Development functions. Joan attained her Master’s Degree in Management (Human Resources) at Macquarie University, Australia.

Joan Chan
Lyn Wong

Lyn Wong, Senior Consultant/Trainer | LinkedIn

Lyn is an accredited facilitator and coach with a passion for organizational learning and development. She aims to create authentic, connected, and joyful workplaces and specializes in organizational, team, and leadership development, executive coaching, and strategic meeting facilitation. By taking a systemic approach, Lyn helps clients align visions with outcomes, engage teams, and support leaders in building leadership agility. With 24 years of experience, including 16 years in various industries and 10 years as a consultant, coach, and facilitator, she is highly regarded for her engaging and supportive approach. Lyn is an IAF-certified professional facilitator, ICF associate certified coach, and a specialist adult educator. She has received recognition for her work as part of an international team engaged by the Healthcare Leadership Academy in Saudi Arabia and is currently pursuing a Master's in People and Organization Development.

Bernard Chwee

Bernard Chwee, Senior Consultant/Trainer | LinkedIn

Bernard is a consultant, trainer, and coach with extensive experience in human resources and transformation. He has served as a Head of HR in the logistics industry and now works with leaders, teams, and individuals to facilitate desired outcomes. Bernard specializes in HR transformation, organization, and people development, agile ways of working, and change management. Bernard strives to deliver excellence in coaching teams and individuals with multi-intelligence NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching methodology as they adapt to VUCA business environments today. As a certified Executive & Life Coach by the International Association of Coaching Institute, he believes that individuals can be resourceful to act effectively toward excellence. He holds an MBA from James Cook University, is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram, and is an authorized instructor with ICAgile and a Certified Scrum Professional.

Gladys Lim.jpeg

Gladys Lim, Senior Consultant/Facilitator


Gladys is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in facilitating mindset and skills transformation, coaching, consulting, and human resources. She collaborates with senior business leaders to enhance organizational effectiveness and performance. With a background in leadership and management, Gladys has played pivotal roles in establishing Talent Development functions for various organizations across different sectors in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Her expertise in adult learning and program design fosters active participant engagement, and her extensive experience in talent development across multiple regions allows her to adapt content to diverse audiences. Passionate about enhancing competency and performance, she focuses on improving team dynamics, change management, effective communication, and overall team performance through coaching. Gladys holds postgraduate qualifications in Human Resources and certifications in ACTA, as well as in programs like Situational Leadership, Crucial Conversations, Career Power, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Multipliers, and Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, reflecting her commitment to continuous learning and development.

Tan Hong Wee, Senior Consultant/Trainer | LinkedIn

Tan Hong Wee

Tan Hong Wee is a Leadership Development consultant and trainer, specialising in Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Team Effectiveness and Coaching. At the individual level, Hong Wee is passionate about bringing out the best potential in each of us. For organisations, Hong Wee's mission is for leaders to co-create shared understanding of a complex issue and to bring about transformational change. He is the author of 2 books, Leader as Coach, Leader as Facilitator and Be Smarter Than Your Problem. Since 2013, Hong Wee has been consulting with various organizations, such as OCBC, PSA, MAS, ABB and Citibank in the areas of systems thinking, leadership and organization development. Recipient of Outstanding International Student Award from Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, USA, Hong Wee holds double Masters in Systems Engineering and Mathematics from Cambridge University.


David Lee, Senior Consultant/Facilitator


David is a versatile professional with a 32-year distinguished career in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), reaching the rank of Colonel. His expertise lies in leadership, team building, organization development, and training design. He is particularly known for his strategic planning abilities, having successfully implemented a Training Transformation Masterplan for the Singapore Army. David's reputation as a dedicated and authentic leader extends beyond the military, making him well-regarded in the Singapore Army. Currently, he serves as the COO of Rich and Good Cake Shop, where he applies his operational acumen to bridge daily operations with long-term strategic vision. With a background in engineering, an Executive Master of Business Management, and a Master of Arts in Professional Development, David is also a certified Masteries Coach, ACTA professional, TetraMap® facilitator, and Learning Organization facilitator.

Untitled design.jpg

Andrew Sng, Senior Consultant/Facilitator


Andrew Sng is the Managing Director of DPI Asia. In 1982, following an 11 year business career spanning various positions, including technical, sales & marketing, and training. Andrew established DPI's Asian operations in Singapore.

 He has facilitated the formulation of over 300 organisations' strategic profiles in Asia Pacific, and has, since 1983, trained over 20,000 executives in DPI's suite of critical thinking processes.

 In recent years, Andrew has taken DPI's suite of critical thinking processes into the Non-Profit & Voluntary Welfare Organisations sector, and have been building up capacity to help these organisations remain relevant in the "new world" and to deliver outstanding public value.

 A Fellow Certified Management Consultant (FCMC) and a Fellow of the Marketing Council of Asia (FMCA), Andrew is also an author of 2 books and has written numerous articles for magazines such as Asia 21, The Graduate, and Woman At Work.


Amelia Sng, Senior Consultant/Facilitator


Amelia brings more than 17 years of work in  the private, public and people sectors. Her early professional journey involved leadership roles in fundraising, partnership development, regional marketing communications, and sustainability. She contributed her expertise to organizations like Beyond Social Services, the Singapore Economic Development Board, SABIC (a part of Saudi Aramco), and City Developments Limited. In November 2016, Amelia joined DPI to spearhead efforts in assisting nonprofits with DPI's critical thinking processes. Her practical experience in business development and relationship nurturing, coupled with a passion for sustainable ESG impact, has been instrumental in expanding DPI's nonprofit initiatives. Amelia's impact extends to training and facilitating over 50 workshops and strategy projects, benefiting 1200 nonprofit professionals who have embraced DPI's Strategic Thinking, Innovation, and Strategy Execution tools. She has also played a pivotal role in developing new programs focused on Strategy Assessment, Alignment, and Execution. Drawing from DPI's client interactions, Amelia contributes to the DPI Asia blog and leads collaborative outreach with partners.


Bernard Wong, Senior Consultant/Facilitator


Bernard is an Associate with Decision Processes International Asia. He has 36 years of experience and leadership in the petroleum and chemicals industry with The Lubrizol Corporation, BP and Mobil. He focused on Asia Pacific, with 19 years based in China. From 2010 to 2018, he adopted the DPI Strategic Thinking Process to sustainably grow the Lubrizol Advanced Materials business in Asia Pacific.Bernard’s areas of expertise include business leadership, navigating the China market, strategy, corporate turnaround, joint venture and integration/change management, organisation & leadership development, and sales & marketing.

Bernard is a CEO Coach for Vistage Singapore, a private advisory board for CEOs, executives and business owners. He is also Senior Advisor/Operating Director for Hafnium Hafaway, a PE investment & advisory.   

Haslina Hamid, Marketing Lead | LinkedIn

Haslina believes in continuous learning to stay robust for the future. This is evident in her work as a social entrepreneur in the past six years, where she has helped hundreds of socially disadvantaged women achieve gainful employment through learning new skills. Her social impact was validated by the achievement of the Venture For Good grant and Community Leaders’ Forum fund. A mid-career switcher, Haslina is now spearheading marketing at Flame Centre, sharing with professionals, managers and the general public on how they can be better skilled in facing the challenges of Industrial 4.0. Being a Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO®), Haslina applies these competencies in the management of the marketing strategy and planning at Flame Centre. With her interests and experience in upskilling, she hopes to connect with others to share and deliver learning content and skills that add value to their career growth.

Haslina Hamid

Andrea R. Pailago, Learning Innovator  |  LinkedIn

Andrea Pailago

Andrea believes that her purpose in life is to continuously work for the development of everyone while working hand in hand with them. She has been working with women survivors after she graduated with her Sociology Bachelor's degree. She is a young independent worker who has worked closely with communities in remote areas. She believes in equity, continuous learning, and women’s empowerment that through these, there would be greater success in society. She has been doing development work for 7 years, helping micro-entrepreneurs build and sustain their businesses to achieve sustainable livelihood through empowerment and continuous learning in a faced-paced world. Andrea continues to live on her purpose by stepping into learning and development in Flame Centre.

Teresa P, Client Support 

Despite having over three decades of experience in both administration and academia, Teresa remains committed to lifelong learning. She views the learning process as akin to an adventure, acknowledging that it can be challenging, yet ultimately fulfilling when acquiring new skills and knowledge. Teresa is passionate about using her abilities to assist others and feels that this is her purpose in life. She devotes time to volunteer work, helping refugees, and contributing her expertise in mountain climbing and scuba diving to rescue operations. In her professional capacity at Flame Centre, Teresa continues to pursue her passion for helping organizations and professionals. She achieves this by ensuring efficient administration, communicating effectively and supporting learners' needs. Her work is driven by a desire to live out her purpose and make a positive impact on those around her.

Wendy Ludovico, Finance Lead

As a Finance Lead, Wendy loves to work with people from different walks of life and assist them in their needs. A strong believer in integrity in whatever one is doing, what gives Wendy joy is doing her work well. She has been working in administration and client support roles for 10 years, including in the insurance and construction industries. Being in the adult education industry is more challenging, yet it is also more meaningful to Wendy as it helps her to learn and grow as a person. Currently, in Flame Centre, Wendy takes care of finance, compliance, documentation, and learner communications. Wendy holds a degree in Business Administration with a major in Financial Accounting.

Our International Affiliates

Lesley Lin, General Manager and Principal Consultant | Flame Centre (China) | LinkedIn

Lesley’s personal mission is to create transformation in people and organizations. Using systematic organization development methodology and impactful learning initiatives, she seeks to propel towards business results, growth and fulfillment. With more than 20 years of experience in BP in various leadership roles, such as sales, marketing, customer experience and innovation management, Lesley has developed sharp business insight. She is skilled in leveraging customer experience to design marketing strategy and programs to drive brand performance as well as using critical moments that matter to develop sales capability strategy plan. Building on her business experience, Lesley made her career transition specializing in organization development, strategy and change management. She currently spearheads the Flame Centre in China. She is also skilled in applying action learning and design thinking for digital transformation and innovation. As a graduate of Chicago Booth Business School's EMBA, Lesley is a registered organization development and change consultant from ISODC in America.

Lesley Lin
Lesley Lin

Pebble Yan, Senior Consultant/Facilitator (Hong Kong) 

Pebble is a multi-faceted professional, serving as an OD Consultant, Career Coach, and Trainer, with a primary focus on enhancing organizational performance by enhancing employee engagement and capabilities. With a background in leadership and talent development, employee engagement, and organization development, Pebble is a certified OD practitioner and career Development Professional and holds various accreditations. With over 15 years of experience in customer service and human resource management across different industries in China, including Fortune 500 companies, Pebble transitioned to OD consulting in 2020. She offers a range of solutions, such as systematic OD diagnosis, team interventions, conflict resolution, and leadership development. Pebble's coaching and training empower professionals to enhance their skills, communication, and leadership for better results, aligning individual aspirations with organizational opportunities. Currently pursuing an OD Master's program at Global Synergy University, Pebble is committed to advancing her OD expertise alongside her MBA from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS).


Sylvia Yu, Senior Consultant/Facilitator (Hong Kong) 

Sylvia is a dynamic strategic innovation consultant with a remarkable track record of over two decades. Her expertise extends to strategy and innovation, propelling organizations to new heights in product development, brand building, and market expansion. Sylvia's distinguished career boasts achievements like spearheading global innovation initiatives for Lipton Asian Tea and serving as the APAC innovation lead for Knorr Sauce. She has also assumed the crucial role of Innovation & New Business Development Marketing Director for Meadjohnson in China, showcasing her ability to bridge innovation and business growth. Sylvia's impressive journey underscores her unwavering commitment to pioneering new ideas and strategies in the ever-evolving landscape of strategic innovation.


Cindy Shen, Senior Consultant/Facilitator (China)

Cindy is an experienced human resource management consultant with over 20 years of experience in China and the Asia Pacific region. She specializes in organization development and whole systems change, focusing on strategy, culture, process, leadership, and performance management to drive business transformation. Cindy's expertise includes organizational diagnosis, executive and team coaching, strategy decoding, organizational culture shaping, organization design, leadership and competency modeling, performance management systems, compensation management systems, and career path coaching. With her corporate experience, she has successfully led cross-cultural organizational projects and built comprehensive human resource management systems to support business transformation. Cindy holds an MBA from Shanghai University, a doctorate of Psychology from UCAM, and various certifications in leadership training and career path coaching.

Eric Francis, Senior Consultant/Trainer (Japan) | LinkedIn

Eric Francis

Eric’s work is about global mindset and leadership. He brings more than 25 years of global experience to his role as a global skill-set and mindset specialist. Having worked in both Japanese and global corporations, he brings his bicultural perspective to helping teams and individuals across the globe. He continues to be rated as a facilitator who makes the challenge of global communication both possible and practical. Eric serves as a Professor of Globalization at the Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business. He is also an Instructor of Global Communication at Aoyama Business School—educating MBA students from across Asia in weekly classroom sessions. He holds a bachelor of science in business management and a bachelor of arts in Japanese from Brigham Young University, as well as an MBA in Global Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


Allison Tsao is an Organisation Development consultant and deep ecologist.  In her work, she seeks to help her clients connect with their deeper wisdom and purpose so that the organisations they lead can do good in the world. Allison practices as a coach, consultant, facilitator, and advisor. Her practice draws from many fields, including complexity science, adult learning, behavioural science, systems thinking, motivational theory, coaching, psychology, ecology, wisdom traditions, and the healing arts. She believes we must draw on trans-disciplinary practices to address the complex and chaotic challenges of our time and meet those challenges with our whole selves. Allison has a Bachelors in Management, Marketing, and International Business from New York University's Stern School of Business, and a Masters in Organisation Development from Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business. She currently resides in Sydney, AU.

Allison Tsao, Senior Consultant/Trainer (Australia)


Olivier Lacoste

Olivier's motto is "caring for all". During his 25 years of experience in large companies as Chief Financial Officer and as a coach, Olivier helps clients develop their financial and leaderships skills. He has been much inspired by his work with Learning As Leadership and Servant Leadership. Olivier also works as an Advisor and Executive Coach in Career Transition for C-level clients.  Through the management and engagement of cross-functional teams at all levels in Finance, IT, HR, Supply Chain & Operations, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of businesses and enterprises in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and in a wide range of sectors e.g. Pharmaceuticals, Energy, FMCG, and Retail. Olivier holds a Master's degree in Finance and Business Administration from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Based in Geneva, he travels across European cities frequently for work and is fluent in French, German and English.

Olivier Lacoste, Senior Consultant/Trainer (Europe)


Fanny Lam

Fanny believes in an alternative narrative which values individual choice, accountability, and co-creation. Fanny draws on her 20 years of broad business experience as a consultant, facilitator and coach to help client teams across Europe and Asia improve business and operational performance. Through engaging cross-functional teams across all levels of the organisations, she helps build continuous improvement capability. This includes mind-sets, structures, processes, systems and skills. Fanny received a Master's degree in International Project Management from ESCP European Business School in Paris. Based in Geneva, Fanny travels across European cities extensively and speaks English, French, German, Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.

Fanny Lam-Lacoste, Senior Consultant/Trainer (Europe)


Lee Kang Yam
David Lee
Amelia Sng
Bernard Wong

Our Mentors

Dr Pauline Arneberg, Founding Mentor


Dr. Pauline Arneberg

Pauline is a veteran organization development consultant, professor at University of Southern California and a part-time citizen of Singapore for the past 27 years. She believes all development is self-development; that whole people create positive workplaces where people serve others, the organization, and the nation. Pauline has worked with many Singaporean Ministries and has been based at the Civil Service College. Pauline’s career has also been anchored in the global marketplace. She has worked in Bahrain, Jordan, Pakistan, Botswana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia as well as Singapore on projects funded by host countries and the United Nations, the World Bank and USAID. She has worked with scores of American organizations as well.

Peter Block, Founding Mentor


Peter Block

Peter Block is an author, consultant and citizen of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. His work is to bring change into the world through consent and connectedness rather than through mandate and force. His first visit to Singapore awakened him to a miracle. Singaporean values of community, family and care for the whole challenge most of what is dominant in the west. Peter comes to Singapore to support and learn from our culture. Peter is the author of several bestselling books such as Flawless Consulting, Stewardship, Empowered Manager, The Answer to How Is Yes: Acting on What Matters. He has received national awards in the US for outstanding contributions in the training and development field. Peter is also a partner in Designed Learning, a US-based training company.

Dr Beverly Kaye, Mentor


Dr. Bev Kaye

Dr. Beverly Kaye is a best-selling author, dynamic speaker, and internationally recognized authority on career development, employee engagement, and retention. Bev’s books include Up is Not the Only Way, Help Them Grow, Love It, Don’t Leave It, Hello Stay Interviews, and Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em. In 2018, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) honored her with its Lifetime Achievement Award recognizing her advanced knowledge, extensive practice across the talent development field, thought leadership. The Association of Learning Providers (ISA) also honored her with its 2018 Thought Leader Award for her body of work in support of work-related learning and performance. In 2019, Beverly was recognized by the Institute for Management Studies (IMS) with its Lifetime Achievement Award.

Our Partners
Designed Learning
Talent Dimensions
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