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Are You Engaging Your Employees
In the Best Ways Possib

Do you face challenges in employee retention?
How do you ensure your employees are happy and productive?
Do you want to improve engagement following the employee engagement surveys?
With remote or hybrid work, how do you deepen connection and motivation?  
Stay interviews are definitely better than exit interviews, are you doing this enough?

Managers are the single most important influencer of engagement and retention because ...

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Love 'Em or Lose 'Em

Love 'Em or Lose 'Em book on Engagement Strategies

Managers carry a big responsibility as the single most important influencer of engagement and retention. If you've had challenges with employee retention and engagement before, you would understand the costs involved. There could be many reasons for good employees to leave the organisation, but there are also many ways to keep them and keep them engaged too.

The very first tool managers must have is having the conversation skills to engage with their people. You are their first contact person, or the last, so why not make it meaningful and worthwhile that it gives you more control to provide support for your good people.


Oftentimes, employees leave because they do not see much support from the organisation or their managers. There is often no opportunity to have career conversations, learning, career development or feeling belonged and valued.

Love 'Em or Lose 'Em has been a long time bestseller in its sixth edition now. Learn the 26 Engagement Strategies so you can avoid the Great Resignation in your workplace.


10 Ways to Stop the Great Resignation E-Book

This is what our participants say: 

Love 'Em or Lose' Em: Getting Good People to Stay" was engaging and impactful. We had approximately 200 supervisors and managers attend your session and all learned a lot while also smiling and laughing. This is always a good sign. I really appreciated the way that you included opportunities for group interaction into your presentation and also your use of story-telling. I had many participants come up to me after the session excited to put the ideas into practice.
- Joy Roman, HR Director, 3M Singapore (2022)

Thank you again for the fine job you did communicating the importance of Employee Engagement and Retention. You were excellent. Mixing story-telling with serious topics and talking with the audience instead of to the audience, kept everyone involved. I have received numerous comments from attendees on how much they enjoyed and benefited from your session. We look forward to continued work with you in the future.
- Ronnie Tan, HR Director, Schneider Electric

I learnt about the strategies to engage my staff. I love the practical strategies, tips and good resources provided.
Manager, Public Service (2022)

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If you are a Manager who wants to build an engaged team and get the best from individual employees, this workshop will get you there faster.



Our public workshop is SkillsFuture funded for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents! SkillsFuture credit apply if you’re self-sponsored. Organizations that support employees in their career development will reap the benefit of retaining, engaging and developing skilled talent. 

Our workshop is time tested based on the bestselling book,
Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay, and it has been
conducted globally for managers for the past 20 years! 

Here's what you get from this workshop:

  • Learn the reasons and costs of disengagement and see the manager's role in the solution

  • Practise various best practices, engagement and retention strategies

  • Understand the diverse values of staff across generations and personalities to tailor suitable engagement plans

  • Balance task and people focus so people feel cared for and supported to perform

  • Gain the competence and confidence to conduct Stay Interviews instead of Exit Interviews

Workshop Fees

Seven Messages in the Workshop:

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Our A-Z Strategies For Effective Engagement: 

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Still unsure? Reach out for a non-obligatory 15 min chat.
We help you understand your objectives and if this workshop is a fit for you or your employees.

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Love 'Em or Lose 'Em

Employee engagement is key, and affects the dynamics of the whole organisation. How do we develop critical skills to build meaningful workplace relationships?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who usually attends your workshops? 

  • Managers who value their good people and are constantly making efforts to keep the team together.

  • Managers who want to keep the best people working for your organisation, and not let them leave to work for your competitors.

  • Managers who want to keep the attrition rate low and to ensure employees are happy, productive and growing at the workplace now and for the future.

What are the triggers to consider engagement and retention workshop? 

  • To improve employee engagement scores after these surveys.

  • To develop managers in overall people management and engagement skills.

  • To retain hot talents, especially when they are different to replace. 

  • To connect more effectively with your remote workforce. 


How do I know you’re the best in this topic? 

  • We have been running these workshops globally for the past 20 years. Our clients are MNC and government agencies. 

  • Our A to Z engagement strategies are created based on a research effort involving 18,000 people worldwide. 

  • Our workshops are also based on Wall Street bestselling book Love 'Em or Lose 'Em, which is currently in its 6th edition. 

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