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Wendy Tan
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, Doctoral Student
The Flame Centre

Hello, I am Wendy, I do what I do because I am concerned about the human world in a digital age. In a time when machines are learning, faster and smarter, what about human beings? How do we learn as a gateway to our transformation? How can we live and contribute meaningfully?  How can we nurture our own sense of wholeness, so that we create wholeness in the world around us?


These questions led me to go back to school, to find answers to these new questions. This led to the work on learning agility, informed by in-depth qualitative interviews with career switchers, and quantitative analyses on the predictors of learning outcomes, such as building capabilities, expansion in our sense of identity and positive outcomes, such as engagement, happiness and more career options. 

I am also the author of “Wholeness in a Disruptive World”, this book is born from a near-death experience and a fragmented life. Dying taught me about living. As I recovered from the bizarre bacterial infection, I discovered the ideas of wholeness – the coming together of opposites over time creates something more life-giving and sustainable. Wholeness has become a foundation for me to be more and do more.


In face of economic, political, climate and social fragmentation in an increasingly technological world, I believe the world needs our care, intellect and contribution. We are all part of the solution, and I hope my work on learning agility, wholeness and engagement can play a small role in creating a world that works for all. 


Client Testimonies

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Wendy Tan takes a holistic approach in helping teams and organizations understand the practical ways of building a conducive environment to encourage continuous learning. Wendy’s work is particularly important and relevant in the current climate with a heightened level of uncertainties. Wendy has an energetic speaking style and she offers practical advice that provide the audience with useful takeaways.


Vivien Li

Director, Human Resources  

Global Equality & Inclusion

Software Industry

Joel Leong Jabil.png

Wendy facilitated a highly engaging and insightful workshop on Career Power to more than 40 Jabil employees. Through her signature warm and friendly connection with participants, she not only imparted practical principles related to career management, but also inspired many participants to positive actions. We have already received raving feedback from our participants on the session and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all professionals - both young and seasoned.


Joel Leong

Director of Talent Management



Your talk was very inspiring and thoughtful. I love your personal stories which give hope, strength and inspiration. It will be great learning for many of my high achievers to make them stop and think at times, find a better "balance of the forces" and with that, be even more efficient, effective and whole.


Rainer Wolf

VP & GM Manufacturing

Edwards Lifesciences (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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Thank you again for the fine job you did communicating the importance of Employee Engagement and Retention. You were excellent. Mixing story-telling with serious topics and talking with the audience instead of to the audience, kept everyone involved. I have received numerous comments from attendees on how much they enjoyed and benefited from your session. 3M looks forward to continued work with you in the future.


Ronnie Tan

HR Director

Schneider Electric

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Learning Agility in a Disruptive World

In the future of work, we know we need to upskill and contribute in ways that robots or logarithms cannot. However, despite the rhetoric on the vital importance of upskilling to stay relevant, the motivation to learn, the capacity to be curious and the skill in learning remains woeful.

Wholeness in a Disruptive World

With an accelerated pace of change, blurred boundaries between life and work and increasing fatigue, stress and sense of isolation, it is increasingly critical to support our people with empathy and care to create conditions for them to be at their best, thereby contributing to higher productivity and organization success.

Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Dealing with the Great Resignation

An energized and engaged workforce results in employees being proactive, going the extra mile and being creative in finding new solutions. All these translate to higher performance, speed and business results. Engagement also creates savings in turnover costs, estimated to be 200% to 400% of the annual salary in replacement costs.  It is every leader’s job to retain, engage and develop their people.

Videos of Wendy's Speaking

Wendy's 3-min Speaker Reel
Wholeness of a Leader Keynote
How to Have STAY Interviews Instead of Exit Interviews
How to Improve Learning Agility

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HRO 201502016
2015_HRO Award

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Wendy's Profile

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