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Wendy Tan, PhD, CSP
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, 
The Flame Centre

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Speaking Synopses

Learning Agility in a Disruptive World


In the future of work, we know we need to upskill and contribute in ways that robots or logarithms cannot. However, despite the rhetoric on the vital importance of upskilling to stay relevant, the motivation to learn, the capacity to be curious and the skill in learning remains woeful. Learning is not attending training. Learning is also not consuming content on the phone. Learning is not sustained by monetary incentives. 


Learning takes effort. Learning requires time. Learning calls for strategy. Learning is also life, we grow new capabilities, expand our sense of identity and allow our full potential to unfold. Lifelong learning can only be sustained by the clarity in one’s career direction, drive to succeed despite challenges and the intrinsic motivation to learn. In this process, following our curiosity is like a breath of fresh air. Our metacognitive ability also guides us in scaffolding a string of activities to learn fast and effectively. So that learning is successful, insightful and joyful. 



  • Discover the strengths and weakness of your learning mindset and process

  • Improve your learning process and effectiveness

  • Learn the best practices of self-learners who thrived in their careers

  • Sustain your own learning efforts so you gain mastery in your intended skill

  • Leverage your learning capacity to be your best self 



This keynote will cover: 

  • What, why and how of learning agility 

  • Components of learning motivation

  • Attitudes that inspire continuous learning

  • Accelerated learning process with metacognitive ability and strategies

  • Workplace conditions that create a learning organization


Based on the research insights from a doctoral research involving in-depth qualitative interviews with career switchers who needed to learn new skills to be successful in their new careers and quantitative analyses with working professionals. 

Learning Agility by Dr Wendy Tan

Learning Team | Learning Culture



Do you believe a learning team, a learning organization is a compelling competitive advantage? A team that learns together is key to innovating and creating new products. A learning team has the capacity to solve difficult problems that have no existing SOPs. An organization's ability to learn and translate that learning rapidly into action will continuously create its future.


But all too often, we are so busy executing, but not learning intentionally. Or we may learn individually, but not collectively, so we miss connecting the dots and generating breakthrough ideas. As a result, we move slower, we waste resources on rework and we feel tired, frustrated or discouraged after expending a lot of effort. One key strategy is to use teams as a vehicle to build a learning culture.



This interactive session will inspire leaders that they can scale their contribution by building learning teams and learning cultures. As a manager, their role is to accelerate the learning and growth of their people, and with it, comes peak performance and results. In this session, managers will:

  • Realise the cost of unproductive learning and its impact on results

  • Identify the signs of unproductive learning in their team

  • See themselves as a learning coach

  • Understand the competitive advantage of a learning team, a learning culture

  • Learn a few quick tips to accelerate their people’s learning



This keynote will cover:

  • Levers of learning agility

  • Workplace conditions that create a learning team culture

  • Accelerated learning process with metalearning strategies

  • Structure of reflection and role of the manager in triggering reflective insight

  • Apply routines in meetings to help their team learn, experiment, and iterate


Based on the research insights from doctoral research involving in-depth qualitative interviews with career switchers who needed to learn new skills to be successful in their new careers and quantitative analyses with working professionals.

Learning Agility by Dr Wendy Tan

Wholeness in a Disruptive World



With an accelerated pace of change, blurred boundaries between life and work and increasing fatigue, stress and sense of isolation, it is increasingly critical to support our people with empathy and care to create conditions for them to be at their best, thereby contributing to higher productivity and organization success.



  • Gain insights on how to be whole, to recharge and be a source of support for others

  • Develop renewed energy, calm and resilience to make lemonade from lemons

  • Learn practical ideas to support wholeness in their teams; to build a thriving community to succeed in this uncertain period


The key is not in having a “good once-off” session, but inspiring participants to apply the learning with themselves and their teams as we continue this prolonged period of hybrid working.



This keynote will cover:

  • Identification of tell-tale signs of stress and fragmentation in ourselves and our team

  • The Influence of individual wholeness to team and larger wholeness

  • Anchoring as a source of internal strength and reconnecting to what matters most

  • Practical habits to clear our mind and recharge our energy

  • Whole meeting process to change the way we meet virtually, so every meeting builds relationships and gets work done (article attached)

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