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Our Promise to Clients

Grow Meaningfully

Grow Meaningfully = Grow Capabilities + Grow Contribution + Grow with Community
Grow meaningfully with Flame Centre. We believe that true growth is about more than just developing capabilities, it's about making a meaningful contribution to the world around us. That's why our approach to growth is centered on the principles of wholeness, community, and purpose, helping you not just grow in your capabilities, but also grow in your ability to make a difference.
Grow Capabilities
We asked participants to rate their skills before and after the workshop to see how they have grown.
These are the average scores of participants' skills before and after the workshop.
Accelerated Flawless Consulting
Growth in Skills
Performance Conversations for Managers
Growth in Skills
Grow in Contribution
We also asked participants to rate outcomes and knowledge to apply the skills in these areas.
Accelerated Flawless Consulting
Performance Management Course for Managers:
Manage Appraisal Conversations Effectively
Performance Management for Individual Contributors:
Manage Appraisal Conversations Effectively


>11,000 managers and professionals



80% Return Customers


220+ client organizations



> 8.5 out of 10

forward recommendation

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“After engaging Flame Centre for several successful training engagements, I approached them to assist us in the professional development of our Project Managers this year. They conducted a needs analysis & listened carefully to some of the common challenges faced by them. The Flawless Consulting workshop was fully customized to our context and it was very successful. Four week after the workshop, we are starting to see positive results in participants applying the techniques. Thank you Flame Centre for this valuable contribution to our development!”

—  Kate Hareb, Programme Manager, Change Management at Aviva Asia Pte Ltd

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