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Develop a distinctly relevant strategy.

Anticipate the future, manage uncertainty.

Don't change the rules, change the game.


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DPI's Strategic Thinking Process℠

A strategic thinking process that empowers the CEO and his or her management team to formulate a strategy and translate it into an easy-to-understand [and execute] strategic profile that will set the organization apart in the sandbox that it has chosen to play in, and establish the pathway to distinct relevance. DPI's Strategic Thinking Process is widely regarded as the most rigorous yet very time-efficient methodology there is.

A clear, well-articulated strategy defines the corporate mission for those charged with carrying it out.

DPI's Strategic Thinking Process℠ enables senior managers to:

  • Gain "ownership" of the strategy

  • Communicate the strategic direction to the troops

  • Allocate resources and evaluate opportunities according to a clear "strategic filter"

  • Effectively deploy the strategy in a timely manner

The result is a clear, concise strategy that is well understood and supported by those who will carry it out. Another, even more profound benefit is the creation of a management team that can think and act strategically, to make decisions accordingly, to utilize corporate resources, time, and energy efficiently.

Achieving Distinct Relevance with Strategic Thinking
What is DPI Strategic Thinking?
Why Should A Company Choose DPI Strategic Thinking?
Our Consulting Services
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Half-day facilitated session for the brave and growth-oriented


Is your Strategy Distinctively Relevant and Robust For the Present and the Future?

Many leaders are busy with day-to-day operations leaving little mind-space to strategize for tomorrow. Yet with rapid change, organizations risk stagnation or even extinction.
For competitive advantage, a skillful approach to strategic thinking is your road map for distinct relevance and sustained growth.


Have you experienced a rigorous yet efficient process to examine your organization’s strategy?



What is the difference between operational vs strategic thinking?



Do you know what is NOT working with your current strategy?

Join us in this Strategy Test-Drive to find out!

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Dr Lee Kang Yam
David Lee
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Amelia Sng
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Dr Wendy Tan
Bring along 1 to 2 members of your management team to apply the concepts in the session to:
  • Understand our time-tested strategy thinking process
  • Discover the strengths and gaps in your strategy
  • Experience our tools to gain insights for growth
Accelerate business growth with a proven strategy thinking process.
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