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Frequently Asked Questions

For Individuals
  1. What kind of workshops do you have?
    We have People Management and Future-Fit workshops.

  2. How do I choose a workshop?
    Please refer to Learning Pathways. Choose the pathway to find suitable workshops for your upskilling needs, with date and funding information.


  3. Who do you train?
    We train individuals, professionals and managers across organizations.

  4. How can I find out more about your workshops?
    Please get in touch with our client partner.


  5. When are the public workshops?
    We have public workshops throughout the year. Please check the schedule here.


  6.  Do you have free workshops?
    We have monthly Flame Connect sessions and love for you to join us! 

  7. How can I get in touch?
    Please feel free to email or WhatsApp us.

  8. How can I register for the public workshops?
    You can do so directly from our Registration page. For any assistance feel free to get in touch with us via email or WhatsApp. We are always here to help.

  9. I am currently in between jobs. Can I apply?
    Certainly. If you are a Singaporean or permanent resident, you can get funding for approved workshops. If you are not, you can still apply and full fees apply.

  10. Are the workshops funded by SkillsFuture or IBF?
    Yes, we have workshops funded by SkillsFuture or IBF. View programmes.

  11. How much is the workshop fees?
    Please refer to our Registration page.

  12. What is the duration of the workshop?
    For all workshop date and time, please refer to our Upcoming Workshops.

  13. What is the payment mode?
    Payment can be made through PayNow or bank transfer. Instructions on payment will be available after form submission. 

  14. When must payment be made?
    Please make payment when you register for the workshop.

  15. Is there a certificate awarded for each workshop ?
    Yes, e-certificates are issued for every workshop.


For Organizations
  1. Tell me more about Flame Centre.
    For future-oriented Learning & Talent Development and Human Resources leaders who want their workforce to upskill and thrive in disruptive times, Flame Centre builds people, cognitive and heart capabilities in your leaders and employees through our thought-leadership, strong focus on application and proven practical strategies.

  2. Who are your clients?
    Our clients range from varied Industries like Automobile, Banking, Chemicals, Data Processing, Education and so on...


  3. Why do your clients engage Flame Centre? How are you different?
    Our workshops are unique in content and design - workshop pathways which help individuals and organizations to grow simultaneously.


  4. How do I know if the workshop is suitable for my organization?
    We are happy to have a non-obligatory discovery call to assess if there is a right fit. If not, we can refer other solutions to you. Please feel free to email or WhatsApp us.

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