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Strategy Development

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Flame Centre partners with DPI Asia, a specialist in applied critical thinking; specifically, to the following areas:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Product & Service Innovation
  • Strategic Alignment and Execution
  • Situation Management 

Strategy and people development infinty loop

Consulting and applied hands-on workshops

to enable organizations to consistently

out-think, out-pace and out-manoeuvre the marketplace

to achieve distinct relevance.


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A Client's Transformation through Strategy Change

​From Cardboard Boxes To Supply-Chain Management

Teckwah not only weathered radical shifts in their environment, but actually leveraged those changes to create new prosperity by consciously and deliberately changing its strategic DNA
– not once, but twice!

Transformation #1: 

Teckwah changed its Driving Force from Capacity-driven to Market-driven.

From card box printing in a manufacturing-based economy, Teckwah strategically focused on a niche market to become a “complete supply-chain management services provider” to the IT industry.

Transformation #2: 

Teckwah changed its Driving Force from Market-driven to Capability-driven.

Teckwah's expertise in sophisticated supply-chain management in the IT industry enabled them to enhance the range of services offered, build turn-key capabilities and serve new markets, driving profitability.

We could have engaged a consultant from our industry, but we chose DPI. DPI's tools are applicable to all industries. The DPI process emphasizes changing the rules and controlling your sandbox. This intrigued us very much, and we have done just that.



Mr. Thomas Chua

Chairman & MD  

Teckwah Industrial Corporation

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Applied Critical thinking
Our Pure And Simple Processes
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Strategic Thinking Process

A Strategic Thinking Process

that empowers the CEO and his or her management team to formulate a strategy and translate it into an easy-to-understand [and execute] strategic profile that will set the organization apart in the sandbox that it has chosen to play in, and establish the pathway to distinct relevance. DPI's Strategic Thinking Process is widely regarded as the most rigorous yet very time-efficient methodology there is.

Strategic Product / Service Innovation Process

A Strategic Product Innovation Process

that makes the creation and deployment of new products and services a repeatable practice. Together with its derivative processes that deliver new ideas and concepts on the process, business model & management practice innovation, an organization is able to keep its innovation pipeline filled and dictate the pace of innovation in its chosen sandbox, to change the game.

Situation Management - past, present, future.

A Suite of Situation Management Processes​

that provide individuals and teams with tools to quickly evaluate and effectively resolve complex and every day situations to more effectively deliver on strategic objectives.

Strategic Alignment Framework

A Strategic Alignment Framework​

that provides the clarity for strategic execution, governance, processes, skills and discipline necessary to realize an organization's strategic profile in its identified strategic timeframe" not 'the shortest possible time'. it's not about speed for speed sake or speed that is not timely or appropriate.

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Our People
Find out our Point of View on Strategy

DPI Asia helped us develop our first 10-year Industry Master Plan and remained our Industry Plan consultant for 23 consecutive years. To this day we continue to tap on DPI’s methodologies and Andrew's vast experience in the development of the younger leaders of the industry and the future direction of the SFIC Institute.

Shermaine Ong

Group Executive Director

Singapore Furniture Industries Council

The DPI Strategic Thinking Process won us many ‘firsts’.


We achieved sustained double digit growth in Asia Pacific on the back of 2008 financial crisis in a sales-driven and highly sensitive environment. No rocks were left unturned using DPI’s robust and rigorous methodology and paired with our own strong management commitment to put forth our best people and thinking.


A few years later, the global office took on this Strategic Thinking process and engaged DPI across the Americas and Europe - another first for the AP team, a proof that this methodology works across geographies and industries, with leadership will behind it.


Bernard Wong

Asia Pacific Region Head (2008 to 2018)

The Lubrizol Corporation

(A Berkshire Hathaway Company)

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