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Gain 3 Career Coaching Skills in 8 Hours

Managers Have Seen Tremendous Results After Our Career Coaching Workshop.

Learn the framework, skills and tools to have meaningful career conversations that work for both you and your talents.

Skill #1: Using our Framework

Learn an intuitive framework to navigate career conversations on the fly. This framework gets you to:

- Listen to who this employee is

- Level by giving career feedback

- Look ahead to trends and changes

- Leverage the career lattice and multiple options

- Link to development resources

With a framework, you know how to signpost the conversation, so it is not just talk, and steer a 15 minute conversation to a clear outcome.

Skill #2: Asking Powerful Questions

You also learn to ask powerful questions that probe deeper into who this employee is - what are their interests, values and strengths.

This makes for far richer conversation than simply asking, "How is everything?" or "Do you want to do XYZ?" Connect work to the development of employees and they will appreciate the opportunity. So it’s not simply, “You need to take on yet another project” (because there is no one else).

Skill #3: Dealing with Tough Questions

You learn to deal with tough questions like, "When can I be promoted? Why am I not promoted?" So you can move beyond discomfort to manage awkward topics more confidently, give development feedback with care and honesty, and guide your employees towards learning and contribution.

"The career coaching framework is definitely helpful, it’s good that we learn the step by step approach, so it’s clearer and easier to apply. The workshop is an eye-opener, I gained knowledge and enjoyed the learning process."

- IT Manager, Real Estate Industry

Written by Wendy Tan

- Author, Keynote Speaker & Managing Partner of Flame Centre | Future Skills Institute


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