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Enhancing Career Development to Improve
Engagement and Retention.
Tools for the Organization, Managers and Employees. 

CD ebook

Why it is so important to activate organization growth through individual growth?

Changing World of Work:

  • Workforce Demographics
    - employees are becoming younger whilst older employees stay on for a longer time.

  • Mobility and Flexibility
    - employees want to be available to their families and focus on their personal priorities through greater freedom on how and where they work.

  • Shorter Tenures
    - on average, employees remain in a role for just over four years and tenure is shorter for younger employees.

  • Varied Careers
    - employees entering the workforce today will change jobs an average of 12 times over the course of their working lives.

  • New Notion of Jobs
    - future work may focus far less on static jobs and far more on skills, experience, diversity, adaptiveness, and flexibility.

Do you have a retention strategy?

Find out how to get started with career development best practices in this eBook. 
Start using the checklists to grow your organization. 

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