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Give yourself 1 point for every time you answer "yes" to each question.

Do you:

  1. Have a persistent motivation to learn?

  2. Have meaningful aspirations or goals to strive for?

  3. Know what specific skills you need to achieve these aspirations?

  4. Know at least 2 of your behaviours or thinking that get into the way?

  5. Have 2 ways to unlearn easily?

  6. Have 5 or more strategies to accelerate your learning?

  7. Make time to learn consistently?

  8. Venture into new areas without fear of being a beginner again?

  9. Feel comfortable path-finding answers in new situations?

  10. Reflect regularly on your day to learn from it?

  11. Reflect about how you're learning and find ways to improve?

  12. Prefer learning to watching Netflix?

  13. Ask questions easily and without hesitation?

  14. Have a circle of experts or experienced people to seek advice from?

  15. Think of what you can do and just do it?

If you score > 13 on this checklist, you're probably an agile learner.

If you score between 8 to 12, you're probably a conventional learner.

If you score below 8, then decide if this is a priority for you.

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More insights on your learning profile, so you can apply the best strategies to accelerate your learning.

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