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A Simple Framework For Career Coaching Skills

Why is this award-winning model from Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni sought after by major organizations around the world?

Get some Insights by Wendy Tan on the book "Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go".

Einstein said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

A Simple & Elegant Model

The #careercoaching model by @Bev Kaye and @Julie Winkle Giulioni is an example of a simple and elegant model. In a #careerconversation, we want to find out about the person - his strengths, values, interests and development areas. These come from hindsight, look at the past. We also need to look at the future - the trends in the marketplace, industry and organization, future roles and skills. This is foresight.

Hindsight - Foresight - Insight

The beauty is in the intersection of hindsight and foresight, which brings us to insight - what are the present opportunities for this person, what should he do now, drawing from his past to propel himself forward.

A manager who is a skilled #careercoach is able to navigate a meaningful career conversation with this simple framework in mind. And it doesn’t need to take long, 15 minutes, provided that you have a framework and ask the right questions. This is the finesse in career coaching. This is also not to make you a professional career coach, which managers are not, but to have productive conversation to help your people grow in your organization.

Written by Wendy Tan

- Author, Keynote Speaker & Managing Partner of Flame Centre | Future Skills Institute

“With values tool, the conversation has more depth."
After attending the course, I asked my staff to do the Invest in your values exercise. It was very meaningful and open up a way of conversation with my staff. In the past, we don’t have these tools. With this tool, I can gather information and better understand my staff. I realised I perceive my staff in this manner, but based on Invest in my Values tool, I received a different set of results."

- Chan Guanming | HR Manager | Banking


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