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Future Ready Pathway 


Shared Vision, Accountability and Performance

Participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion

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This programme is designed for:

Teams who want to be high performing in the midst of accelerating change and disruption.

Why is this critical?

Uncertainty and continuous change in times of crisis increases stress, lowers productivity and impacts results.

  • In contrast, relationships drive engagement and productivity. 

  • Teams need to care for and hold each other accountable on objectives, shared vision and team behaviours as a foundation to a team’s success.  

  • Wholeness creates the conditions for sustained achievement; how our teams can stay balanced in the face of challenges and sustain their best work in the long haul.

  • We need practical steps to support, challenge and coach each other as fellow team members.

  • This workshop helps you be a Whole Person and a Whole Team, for a shared mindset to bring your best self forward and edify your colleagues to deliver the best results. 

Office Team


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This experiential learning experience focuses on:

  • Identification of tell-tale signs of fragmentation in ourselves and our team.

  • Team coaching approaches and skills to challenge and support one another. 

  • Wholeness as an approach to bring the collective team together for contribution.

  • The ABC pathways: Anchoring, Balancing and Clearing. 

  • Anchoring to our shared purpose, values, identity and responsibilities.

  • Balancing by embracing opposites in our thinking to have cognitive flexibility. 

  • Clearing, decluttering and focusing on what matters.

Based on the concepts from Wholeness in a Disruptive World by Wendy Tan

In this highly engaging workshop, participants will help themselves and their team:

  • Practise ways to create mental space in their busy lives. 

  • Cultivate cognitive flexibility to access insights for better decision-making.

  • Adopt practices that incorporate higher-order purpose and values to inspire the courage and commitment needed to persist despite challenges.

  • Define team norms for shared vision, accountability, and support. 

  • Apply peer coaching techniques to support team collaboration and performance.

  • Craft out a strategy for working and living holistically for sustained contribution.



Both virtual and face-to-face formats available

The delivery options include:

  • An assessment of team behaviours before and 8 weeks after the workshop.

  • Live instructor-led classroom learning and coaching for skills enablement and team commitment (8 hours) and a follow-up session 8 weeks later to cultivate lasting team behaviours for wholeness (4 hours) 

  • Flexible delivery options are available to accommodate different needs, geographies, time zones and languages

Career WSQ Anchor


“Wendy addressed our employees live in Singapore and virtually in our Asia Pacific offices on the topic “Wholeness: Balance for Better”. This topic was important and very relevant to us. Wendy led an engaging session, showing us how we can all achieve both in the work and personal spheres, providing practical ideas that we could take away and apply using her ABC framework towards wholeness.”

—  Katie Smith, Talent, Culture & Engagement Director, Asia Pacific, Experian

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