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Future Ready Pathway 

Agile Learning:
Learn Fast | Skilled Fast

Accelerate Skills Mastery for the Future

Participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion

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This programme is designed for:

Any one who wants to improve their learning motivation, mindset and process to master new skills efficiently in a no-time environment.

We are in the throes of a upskilling revolution with digitalization changing how value is created, how work is done and the skills needed. Yet only 7% of executives surveyed by McKinsey thought their organizations are fully prepared to deal with this skill gap. To stay relevant and thrive in this future of work, we need to learn continuously to develop future-ready knowledge and skills.

Why is this critical?

Organizations are as good as the skills they have. The ability of your workforce to learn and develop new skills becomes a key competitive advantage.

  • Rapid knowledge decay impacts everyone from recent graduates to mature employees.

  • With disruptive change, a tsunamic wave of jobs may be displaced and new roles may emerge.

  • New skill sets are needed to work alongside machines or to create value that cannot be accomplished by machines.

  • Employees need to have relevant skills to contribute and have thriving careers.

  • Organizations need the right skills set to implement new strategies successfully.

why learning agility is important

Agile Learning

what is learning agility

Using our ARCS model and our tech-enabled learning platform, we will focus on: 

  • Aim: process to clarify the direction of your growth based on values, curiosity and trends.

  • Realise: identify blinspots, strengths and areas of development and how to solicit feeback for learning.

  • Commit: Overcome challenges in learning by developing metacognitive ability and improving one's learning process.

  • Skill: Develop the habit of learning as continuous loops ever deepening and broadening one's skills.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • How to identify and prioritise the key skills to develop to be future enabled.

  • A research-based methodology to design your skill development strategies and plan to accelerate skills mastery.

  • Reflection questions and methods to make sense, integrate and leverage each learning input to lead to outputs.

  • Strategies to obtain feedback on your learning and application quickly.

  • How to learn with agility and maximise the translation of learning to application and finally to impact at work.


Both virtual and face-to-face formats available

The delivery options include:

  • Live instructor led classroom learning (3.5 hours) including access to proprietary learning experience platform

  • Live instructor-led 3.5 hours of virtual learning

  • Keynote sessions (1 to 1.5 hours) for inspiration and awareness building

  • Train the trainer programs for sustained skills enablement within an organisation.

  • Flexible delivery options to accommodate different needs, geographies, and languages.

Career WSQ Anchor


Wendy Tan takes a holistic approach in helping teams and organizations understand the practical ways of building a conducive environment to encourage continuous learning. Wendy’s work is particularly important and relevant in the current climate with a heightened level of uncertainties. Wendy has an energetic speaking style and she offers practical advice that provide the audience with useful takeaways.

—  Vivien Li, Director, Human Resources I Global Equality & InclusionQuest Software

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