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Skills for Hybrid + Remote Work

We know hybrid work arrangements are likely to stay even as the pandemic tapers off.

73% of employees from a global survey said they want flexible work arrangements to stay after the pandemic. In addition, 77% of remote workers report greater productivity while offsite and 30% get more done in less time. 63% of executives also think 3 days onsite and 2 days offsite is optimal.

Skills for Hybrid + Remote Work

Challenges with Hybrid + Remote Work

However, long-term hybrid + remote work poses new challenges. Look at this checklist and rate the extent to which it impacts your team or organization:

Challenges with Hybrid + Remote Work

Rate impact on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most challenging


Struggles with work-life balance with blurring lines between work and personal life


No or limited access to resources from home


Difficulties communicating and collaborating with managers/ colleagues


Reduced engagement and supervision when employees are remote


Fear of “out of sight, out of mind” bias with remote workers fear losing out in career growth


Difficulty in building trust and relationships, especially without prior relationships


Challenge in building culture and sense of belonging with the organization

New challenges just mean it's time to develop new skills or improve our existing skills.

Skills to Thrive in Hybrid + Remote Work

In the world of hybrid + remote work, we need to be virtual first - to be proficient and effective in a virtual environment first. What skills do professionals and managers need to be equipped with? Rate the extent to which your people are skilled.

Skills to Thrive in Hybrid + Remote Work

Rate skill level, 1 to 10, with 10 as most skilled

For All Professionals


Virtual communications and presentations


Connecting and building relationships virtually


Collaborating in the virtual space


Maintaining boundaries and healthy balance

For Managers


Support employee well being


Connect, engage, motivate and retain people with limited contact time


Build a high performing hybrid team


Conduct performance management virtually


Facilitate effective virtual meetings that enable inclusion and collaboration

How do you or your team fare? Love to hear your comments below!

It's been quite a while since COVID descended upon us. It's high time to be skilled in a changing and uncertain environment. Even if we were to go back to partial face-to-face engagements, having skills to be effective in this hybrid + remote world of work will serve ourselves and our organizations in the long run. Afterall, the world could be moving in the direction of metaverse - live 3D digital environment, think Iron Man swiping multiple apps and expanding screens in the air. Who knows what this trend might bring!

Written by Wendy Tan

- Author, Keynote Speaker & Managing Partner of Flame Centre | Future Skills Institute


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