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People Management | Managers

Performance Conversations for Managers

Manage Appraisals to Align, Inspire and Empower High Performance


This programme is WSQ certified

Participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion

Performance Management

Training for Managers

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This programme is designed for:

Managers who want to empower and inspire high performance from their team.

Managing performance appraisals go beyond simply understanding the organization's appraisal process or the forms to be filled. It has never been tougher especially with remote working and virtual collaboration. Much of the unhappiness on performance reviews comes from a lack of understanding of what performance management is, how appraisals are carried out and how people managers can empower their staff to rise up to challenges. Performance reviews need not be a defensive game or a paper exercise with demoralising impact. Instead they can serve to appreciate, validate and help our employees grow. Managers skilled in this process will align, empower and retain their employees to perform at their best. It is too important to be left to chance or have a "check-off-the-box" attitude on this.

Why is this critical?

Because it is not possible to have a high performing team when employees are unclear about their work objectives, do not own their performance or see themselves grow with the organization.

  • Genuine commitment comes from honest conversations of doubts and concerns.

  • Ownership needs to be chosen authentically by the individual, not manipulated or cajoled.

  • When people leverage their strengths and gifts, they unleash their natural energy for performance.

  • Growth mindset reframes development as growth opportunities.


Performance Conversations for Managers

This workshop focuses on:

  • Structuring and navigating performance reviews.

  • Understanding workplace drama in managing performance.

  • Using growth mindset in performance conversations.

  • Delivering behavioural based feedback with care and honesty.

  • Building trust and rapport in review meetings.

  • Using language of appreciation in performance conversations.

  • Using questions to uncover motivation.

  • Deepening ownership and commitment through conversations.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Clarify expectations on work targets and desired behaviours.

  • Apply deep conversation techniques to explore issues of ownership and commitment to work targets.

  • Uncover workplace dramas and automatic negative thoughts that limit performance.

  • Deliver performance feedback and development suggestions.

  • Monitor achievement of work progress and performance zones.

  • Demonstrate appreciation and recognition techniques to drive high performance.

  • Conduct different types of growth conversations with staff to support their development goals.

  • Apply evidence-based behavioural observations to link individual’s strengths and work achievements to organizational competencies.

  • Apply a growth mindset, career anchors and interests to uncover different sources of motivation to increase drive and performance.


Both virtual and face-to-face formats available

The delivery options include:

  • Live instructor led classroom learning for skills enablement (17 hours)

  • Live instructor led virtual learning for skills enablement (17 hours)

  • Microlearning module to build awareness (1.5 to 3 hours)

  • Train-the-trainer programs for sustained skills enablement within an organisation ​​​

  • Internal workshops are available with flexible delivery options to accommodate different needs, geographies, time zones and languages.

Workshop Fees

Career WSQ Anchor


"I appreciate how the trainer helps me see how manageable the appraisal process is and how we can use different tools and strategies to have more uplifting appraisals. The training was very interactive with rich breakout sessions, active sharing, open discussion of difficult issues and excellent facilitation by the trainer. Thank you!"

—  Manager from educational institute

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