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Performance Conversations for Employees

Managing Performance Appraisals Effectively

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This programme is designed for:

Employees who want to manage upwards effectively and create conditions to do their best work.

Performance appraisal need not be demoralizing or stressful. Much of employee dissatisfaction in performance appraisals come from a lack of understanding of what performance management is, how performance review should be conducted and how staff can manage the performance review process actively. The key to making performance review meaningful is to adopt a holistic way of managing one’s performance. Having a growth and appreciative mindset towards performance and development will not only help an employee grow, it will also build a productive working relationship with one’s manager and create a synergistic win-win between the employee, manager and organization. It is too important to be left to chance. 

Why is this critical?

Because it is not possible to perform one's best without aligning one's aspirations and sense of meaning to the organization mission and vision. A high performing employee manages upwards effectively to create the conditions for them to do their best work.

  • Aligning mutual expectations between manager and employee focuses one's efforts.

  • Articulating one's strengths creates more opportunities to leverage what they are good in.

  • Identifying growth opportunities unleashes energy for learning.

  • Taking ownership in one's performance empowers one to do their best.


Performance Conversations for Employees

This workshop focuses on:

  • Performance management cycle and review process

  • Motivation and growth mindset in performance motivation.

  • Organizational competencies and behavioural indicators in performance appraisal

  • Identification of strengths and demonstrations of organizational competencies

  • SMART targets and heart-to-heart conversations on possibilities and expectations.

  • Appreciative questioning and conversation techniques to identify issues that matters

  • Growth mindset in giving and receiving feedback

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply goal setting and deep conversation techniques to explore issues of individual ownership and commitment to goals.

  • Apply evidence-based behavioral observation to link individual’s strengths and work achievements to organizational competencies.

  • Explore individual’s possibilities and aspirations in heart-to-heart career conversations with manager.

  • Seek and reflect on performance and development feedback for continuous improvement.

  • Explore developmental options to improve learning and growth.


The delivery options include:

  • Live instructor led classroom learning for skills enablement (9 hours)

  • Live instructor led virtual learning for skills enablement (9 hours)

  • Microlearning module to build awareness (1.5 to 3 hours)

  • Train-the-trainer programs for sustained skills enablement within an organisation ​​​

  • Internal workshops are available with flexible delivery options to accommodate different needs, geographies, time zones and languages.

Workshop Fees

Career WSQ Anchor


"The workshop was very interactive and useful; it helped me have a better understanding of what I want and how I can achieve it. Identifying my career anchor helped me to initiate a productive conversation with my manager. Thank you, it was great how the trainer kept it simple and yet engaging."

—   Employee from educational institute

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