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Upskilling: Planning Your Learning

Development Pathways

Accelerate Your Learning

Bite-Sized Learning Sessions


What do I learn?

Do you know your strengths and the skills to develop to grow your career?

Here's how to enhance your skills.

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Get your


Priority Skills


Recommendations to HR and L & D for
Future Skills before 2025

Enabling Career Development for your Organization, Managers and Employees? Check this out first! 
Learning Agility
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Skills Discovery to Mastery

Learning Agility:

Learn Fast | Skilled Fast


Our clients are future-oriented and seek innovative and sustainable employee development solutions that:

  • Enable accurate learning needs analyses

  • Allow employees to self-direct their learning

  • Embed a learning culture as a competitive advantage




This is our proprietary platform that allows learners to develop skills,

from discovery to mastery, through guided learning experiences.

  • All-in-One Learning Portal


  • Personalised Learning Resources


  • Habit-Forming Learning Process


  • Peer-to-Peer Social Learning


  • Resources for Managers


  • Strategic Skilling


  • Partnership to Drive Adoption

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Learning Agility Profile™     
For Professionals

Professionals often ask: 

  • Is this an organization that supports my growth with an inclusive culture? 

  • What skills do I need to stay relevant and productive in a changing world? 

  • How do I start career conversations with my boss? 

  • How do I navigate and grow my career? 

  • What are my skills and interests that I can develop? 

  • How do I learn quickly and improve my learning agility? 

  • How do I manage everything - workload, family commitments and have a life?

  • How do I build strategic partnerships and became a trusted advisor? 

  • How do I build influence and get my expertise used? 

  • How do I solve problems effectively?

Upskilling Solutions

6-Is  for Professionals

Professionals Pathway-01.png

Development Pathway for Professionals

    Ignite          Involve       Insight        Impact       Integrate    Influence               
Future-ready your career. 

Upskill your workforce with these 6-Is.
Ignite self-cultivation to adapt and thrive in change
Whole Person | Whole Team
Involve to own and shape your career development as the organisation changes
Career Planning: Career Resilience in a Changing World
Insight to develop skills and competencies quickly
Learning Agility: Learn Fast | Skilled Fast
Impact personal and organisational performance
Performance Conversations Made Easy
Integrate people and processes systemically for effective solutions
Sense-Making & Problem Solving: Art of Systems Thinking
Influence stakeholders, get your expertise used, and be a trusted partner
Flawless Consulting 1 & 2

Challenges faced by Managers: 


  • Engaging and retaining talents 

  • Connecting and motivating employees in hybrid + remote work

  • Understanding employees' motivations and deploying their strengths  

  • Helping employees develop relevant skills to contribute and stay employable 

  • Aligning employee career aspirations and organization needs 

  • Conducting stay interviews instead of exit interviews 

  • Creating a resilient, agile and highly adaptable team 

  • Giving effective performance and career oriented feedback

  • Sense making and problem solving for sustainable solutions 

Upskilling Solutions

for Managers

Managers Pathway

Development Pathway for Managers

   Elevate              Excel             Engage          Empower          Expand               
Learn 5 skills to engage your talents.

Build leadership bench strength. 
Elevate your self-cultivation to bring the best in you, and your team
Whole Person | Whole Leader
Excel in performance by aligning and empowering your team
Performance Conversations for Managers
Engage and retain your talents in hybrid / remote work with our best strategies
Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Engaging and Getting the Best from Your People
Empower to help talents perform their best and grow in the organizations
Career Coaching for Managers: Engage, Develop & Retain Your Talent
Expand your thinking, make sense of uncertainty to improve problem-solving
Sense-Making & Problem Solving: Advanced Systems Thinking
For Managers
2.5 hour bite-sized learning sessions throughout the year.
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microLEARNING Solutions
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