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a learning experience platform for skills discovery to mastery.

As machines continue to learn faster and smarter, organisations and the workforce alike begin to anticipate a certain anxiety. How will people adapt, and how can we keep up?

With the 4th Industrial Age and digital disruption perpetually changing the way we live and interact, our century demands different competencies and skills to stay relevant, and to win, in the marketplace.

How can we, as humans, accelerate our learning?

DevelopforLife has been formed to address the skills gap needed for employees and organisations to thrive in the future of work.


our digital solution

Crystalizing the insights from our research and decades of L&D expertise, DevelopforLife is built as a seamless learner experience from “discovery to mastery”. DFL helps organization leaders understand the skills inventory in their organization, while providing insight on industry trends to build a future-ready strategic workforce. Learners on DFL gain self-awareness while considering the trends of their industry to define the direction of their development and unleash inner motivation for sustained self-directed learning. Managers are supported through insights and resources to support their team's learning. Learning and Development departments become strategic workforce architects to enable the organization's success. The DFL system helps both organization leaders and employees thrive in the face of business changes and pressure.

what if

Leaders have a data driven methodology to make strategic decisions and prepare the organization for the future, and employees are engaged and motivated in the today while continuously developing skills to stay face disruption with confidence?

our clients

The organisations that we work with are future focused and want an innovative and sustainable employee development solution that will enable accurate learning needs analyses, empower employee sustained self-directed learning, and embed a learning culture as a competitve advantage.

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“It empowers people to better navigate their career development and learning. It also builds the habit to be curious and helps people see many options to learn and not just refer to the training calendar.”


Wendy Tai, Head of Talent and HRBP,

APAC, Food and Manufacturing MNC


what people say

“My aha moment is that my curiosity is my passion and I can possibly align my passion with my profession. I have never thought of it this way!”

User Experience Manager, IT Consultancy

This tool drove me to think about what is important to me, I have never put words to it. I realise my areas of development. I know broadly the skills I need, but I have not thought about my behaviours."

Chief Innovation Officer, IT Consultancy

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