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Accelerated Flawless Consulting®:
Gaining Influence And
Getting Expertise Used

Stakeholder Management to Get our Expertise Used and Gain Influence without Control


Participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion


Accelerated Flawless Consulting


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3-days | 9.00 am-6.00 pm


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This programme is designed for:

Professionals in Human Resources, Organization Development, Learning and Development, IT/Information Systems, Finance, Project Managers and Line Management.

In today's digitalised world, the ability to make connections and add value through the strength of our partnership with our clients, leaders and stakeholders remains as a skill that cannot be replaced by logarithm and automation.

Influence = expertise * relationship. What is the quality of collaboration in the groups you operate in? A program that has stood the test of time for 40 years, attended by more than 1 million people globally, Flawless Consulting® helps people gain influence without authority. Whether you're in IT, HR, Quality, Finance or Marketing, if you need to build partnerships, get your recommendations accepted and address thorny issues in how you work together, Flawless will equip you with a process and tools to be a trusted advisor. It is also a philosophy and a set of values to support you to show up with authenticity and compassion to do your best work.

Why is this critical?

The unique value we add is helping our leaders, clients or stakeholders gain insight on how they are contributing to the challenge they are facing. With that, they see new possibilities and shift their behaviours to create the positive impact and create the future they want.

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Accelerated Flawless Consulting® 

Flawless Consulting WSQ Stakeholder Management skills

This course focuses on:


  • Consulting goals and phases - contracting, discovery and feedback

  • Navigating contracting pitfalls

  • Moving from a pair of hands or expert roles to partnership

  • Consultant confidence and expressing wants assertively to do good work

  • Discovering underlying dimensions of problems to develop recommendations

  • Dealing with resistance and building genuine trust

  • Navigating for commitment and decision to act during recommendations meeting

  • Authenticity, compassion and consultant resistance

Peter Block’s bestselling book Flawless Consulting is often called ‘The Consultant’s Bible’.

You will learn:

You will learn to:

  • Negotiate more effective and enduring agreements across boundaries.

  • Gain better use of expertise in complex organizational systems. - Work more in a partnership role with others even in challenging situations.

  • Deal with resistance in contracting, data collection, and feedback phases of consulting.

  • Avoid pitfalls in contracting, discovery and feedback phases.

  • Gain skills in turning recommendations into a decision to act.

  • Develop trust with clients to deal with undiscussables and difficult issues.

  • Identify how your own resistance that gets in the way of being in service.


Both virtual and face-to-face formats available

We help you cultivate the skills of Flawless Consulting through our integrated learning journey consisting of online prework, in-person or virtual workshops, and post-workshop skills coaching. This unique approach creates sustainable behavior change.


Other formats available:

Keynotes, microlearning, train-the-trainer certification, Internal workshops with flexible delivery options, to accommodate different needs, geographies, time zones and languages.

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Workshop Fees

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Participant's Perspective


"The Flawless Consulting programme is for anyone who needs to partner with clients. It provides a targeted approach for problem solving with helpful tools to manage stakeholders effectively in the consulting process. Not only are the skills taught relevant at work, I found it useful for personal engagements too. The flawless consulting is a more powerful tool than I thought in gaining deeper understanding to issues and one of a must-have tools to being a trusted advisor to your clients."

Felicia Loo GovTech

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