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Future-Fit Pathway

Sense-Making And Problem Solving

The Advanced Systems Thinker


Join our upcoming public workshops: 

2 days | 9.00am to 5.30pm


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Participants will be awarded a certificate upon successful completion

This programme is designed for:

Senior managers and directors who want to create shared understanding of complex issues and to align team effort towards resolving the problem.

Today's world is highly networked with highly connected and complex problems. Yet we tend to tackle them in a simplistic and symptomatic fashion, much like six blind men trying to figure out an elephant, resulting in ineffective solutions.

Why is this critical?

Systems Thinking is the art and science of tackling complexity. It harnesses both left and right brain thinking, collates the wisdom of the team into a coherent big picture, so that we can gain insight and solve problems more effectively. The benefits include: 

  • Collective sense-making of the situation

  • Identification of the core and relevant problem(s)

  • 'Big picture' view of the internal and external factors

  • Adoption of a dynamic approach, instead of linear and static views

  • A more accurate map of reality, from which strategy and action can be planned


Learn practical concepts and tools from Be Smarter Than Your Problem  

  • The concept of Systems Thinking as a problem solving approach

  • Use of Systems View to ‘appreciate the BIGGER picture’

  • Use of Iceberg Model to ‘dive deep’ into the root cause

  • Application of Cause-Symptom-Consequence table to collate issues

  • Application of Behaviour-over-Time Graphs to draw insights from patterns

  • Application of Causal Loop Diagrams to map the circular nature of complexity

  • Application of Mental Model Table to identify stakeholder mindset

  • Culture as a System - how do we measure and shape it?

  • Organization as a System - how do we create effective strategies?

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Cultivate a new way of thinking about complex problems

  • Adopt appreciation of the larger picture

  • Discover non-obvious root causes of a complex issue

  • Generate new insights and innovative ideas

  • Create a desired culture of holistic innovation and problem solving

  • Create strategies for effective transformation

  • Lead your team to Be Smarter Than Your Problem

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Both virtual and face-to-face formats available

  • 2-day learning experience that brings out the Systems Thinker in you

  • Flexible delivery mode through face-to-face or virtual workshop 

  • Based on walk through of real-life examples - it is a hands-on experience

Workshop Fees

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Participant's Perspective


“Very good blend of theory and practice. I gained a new learning experience and a better perspective to solving complex problems. Your immense depth of knowledge and comfortable atmosphere created made me feel it was worthwhile travelling from so far to be part of this workshop.  A great learning experience!”

Mr Alejandro Marin, PSA, Panama

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