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Building an Agile Learning Culture

Checklists for Organizations

Building an agile learning organization_Infographic
Learning Individuals
  • Motivated to learn
  • Know their skills gaps
  • Proactively initiate learning activities 
  • Know how to manage their learning process effectively
  • Have a range of learning strategies
Learning Teams
  • Peers teaching peers
  • Offer feedback to team members proactively
  • Share resources for learning
  • Manager facilitates team learning
  • Team routines for learning, e.g., after action reviews

Learning Organizations
  • Solve real life problems through learning from experiments
  • Employees’ are challenged to learn to be successful at work
  • Use data to inform learning interventions
  • Culture where mistakes and asking questions are seen as means of learning
  • Learning conversations are part and parcel of work

What you can do to build a learning culture? 
Email us if you are interested in a more comprehensive assessment for yourself or your organization. Our Learning Agility Profile shows a picture of your learning motivation, attitudes, process and environment, to identify the strengths and areas to develop to be a more agile learner.
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