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Future Ready Pathway 

Flame Thought-Leadership Webinar: Upskilling in the Future of Work

We are in the throes of an upskilling revolution with digitalisation changing how value is created, how work is done and the skills needed. New skillsets are needed to work alongside machines or to create value that cannot be accomplished by machines. Yet only 7% of executives surveyed by McKinsey thought their organisations are fully prepared to deal with this skill gap. Increasingly CEOs worldwide are concerned that the lack of essential skills threatens the growth of their organization. 


How is your organisation responding to this upskilling revolution? What is your organisation’s learning and development (L&D) strategy? What about your employees? Are they ready for a rapidly changing future?


Join us for an interactive and insightful webinar on 4 June 2021 at 11 am, Singapore time, 1 pm, Sydney time. We will talk about:

  • What are the emerging workforce trends in the Asia Pacific region?

  • What does data tell us about the future skills critical to the workforce?

  • What are the important questions that all business leaders need to ask?

  • What are the strategic levers of organizational learning?

  • What do individuals, leaders and learning and development functions need to do differently?

Who will find this useful?

Business leaders; Strategy, Human Resources, Learning and Development heads.



Dr. Richard George is Chief Data Scientist at Faethm AI. Faethm's AI SaaS platform models the evolution of work brought about by the disruptive effects of emerging technology. Faethm helps governments and companies around the world to prepare their workforce for the future.


Wendy Tan is the managing partner of Flame Centre, a future skills institute, and DevelopforLife, a learning experience platform. She presents findings from her doctoral research on adult lifelong learning and workplace learning conditions. A two-time winner of HRO Today thought leadership awards, her articles are frequently published in TD and OD Practitioner.


Rainer Wolf, vice president and general manager, is leading Edwards Lifesciences largest heart valve manufacturing operations globally, which has contributed to more than 65% of Edwards corporate revenue in 2019, giving more than 2000 employees a life-saving responsibility in Singapore.


  1. McKinsey & Company, Building the Vital Skills for the Future of Work in Operations, 2020

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