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When change is the constant, how do we learn how to learn better?

Wendy Tan

Author, Keynote Speaker & Managing Partner of Flame Centre | Future Skills Institute

Updated 3 Apr 2023


The anxiety that plagues our workforce of today revolves largely around the need to remain relevant, to adapt. Yet, the reality of our century's pace of development means that certain job roles are increasingly automated, and are in constant flux.

Learners with high learning agility have high abilities in 'What' to learn and 'How' to learn.

Adaptation of the 21st century goes beyond building technical or specific skillsets. Instead, we look towards building the capacity of learning agility.

Learning how to learn is key - not just for the individual, but for the organisation.

On today's snippet, we explore the processes of adult learning, and build on practical steps we can take to reclaim our journey on being agile, adaptable learners to thrive in an ever-changing future of work.

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Why should you learn from Flame Centre?

These are the unique experience we offer:

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