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Career development and learning continue to rank among the top three drivers for employee engagement and retention. But as Beverly Kaye, co-author of bestselling book, “Help Them Grow or Watch Them Grow” says, employees need to take ownership of their career. Managers who coach their staff in their learning and career development build strong, committed, and productive teams.

To do this, we need to reframe our thinking about career development – from a career ladder to a career lattice. Employees “grow” not only from vertical movements but also lateral, backwards or just “right where they are”. The picture in mind is like rock climbing as opposed to climbing up the corporate ladder.

The CareerPower® for Managers and CareerPower® Classic for Individual Contributors cater to different audiences for fast, flexible, and effective career development solutions.

Organizations have been using our career development workshop for managers to help them conduct better conversations on careers and individual development planning (IDP). CareerPower® for managers is a one-day, facilitator-led experience that enable managers to apply the award-winning model as a career coach. The fast-paced, interactive experience is delivered in a flexible format to accommodate multiple learning preferences. Using self-assessment tools, action learning and skill building exercises, managers learn key steps to career development planning for their employees.

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Organizations have been using our career development workshop for over 30 years as an effective way to instill a career ownership mindset, knowledge and tools to take charge of their own development and commit to taking powerful career actions. Employees take honest assessments of their capabilities as they fully define their wants and passions and find options for themselves in the organization.
The competition for finding, attracting, and keeping the world’s best talent is fierce. It’s not enough to simply value career development – it’s a business imperative to:

  • Attract top flight talent and grow the employee pipeline with career development as a cornerstone of your organization’s brand.
  • Cultivate a more resilient and flexible workforce.
  • Go beyond engagement: impassioned employees contribute their discretionary efforts and ultimately increase productivity and profitability.

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This is a 2 hour fast paced micro-learning module designed to equip managers with a framework and skills to navigate career conversations. It is based on the bestselling book, “Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go” by Dr Beverly Kaye and Julie Winkle Giulioni. Career conversations are no longer a nicety but a necessity to engage, develop and retain your people to sharpen your organization’s competitive advantage.

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Manager from a Singapore Government Agency

“The Career Power Classic for Managers workshop was quite useful, it provided me a simple way to think about career conversations and helped to structure my thoughts. Particularly, I appreciated that the career coaching structure for managers mirrors the career planning structure for the staff, as this gives both parties a common language. The course included many activities and role-plays which were useful for practising the tools we learned.”

Judy Heng, Human Resources Director, Edwards Lifesciences (Singapore)

“We conducted a series of CareerPower workshops for managers. Our managers shared it was a great course with the most practical tools for career development and IDPs we have ever seen. The examples provided were inspiring too. Thank you for working with us to build a culture in Edwards Lifesciences.”

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