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What happens when cognitive skills are undeveloped? 

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Why Cognitive Skills Are Important

With your Skills Profile done, you want to decide the next steps to grow your capabilities and your career! 
Why are cognitive skills important? Your value as a professional is in doing what machines can’t.
In a digital world, machines can do repetitive and logical work. However, the world is complex with multiple forces at play, this is where human cognitive skills are useful to create new solutions, make good decisions, solve complex problems, make sense of uncertain situations and connect ideas across different disciplines. Your value as a professional is in doing what machines can’t and therefore honing your cognitive skills become key. 


Consider the impact when a professional is undeveloped in these cognitive skills: 
  • Creative thinking
    Following what has been done before and not coming up with new ways to solve the problem or innovative products that win in the marketplace. 


  • Decision making
    Being paralyzed in making decisions, or making ineffective decisions that do not consider the critical factors, to achieve the outcomes. 


  • Solving problems
    Not solving the root causes in problems, so problems are exacerbated over time. 


  • Sense-making
    Feeling confused with information overload with a tendency to  accept what others or the media says. Without a good sense of the situation, one cannot make astute decisions or lead their team. 


  • Transdisciplinary thinking
    Being limited to one or a few perspectives and unable to connect the dots to form a more comprehensive understanding of the situation. So if one’s map of the world is inaccurate, then the decisions or solutions will not be effective too. 


Develop these cognitive capabilities with the right frameworks, tools and skills in these workshops. In addition, we have a community and periodic meetups to help you hone these skills continuously: 

  • Art of Systems Thinking
    Choose this if you want an introduction to systems thinking to help you solve problems more effectively.


  • Advanced Systems Thinker
    Choose this if you want the tools and practices to use it to make sense of complexity and solve wicked problems at work. 


  • Design Thinking
    Choose this if you want to have tools and practices to generate new ideas and be more creative.

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