SkillsFuture Programmes

The Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Funding is a part of Singapore's lifelong learning initiative, designed to support employers and individuals looking to develop existing and emerging skills and competencies. As an approved training organisation (ATO) under this framework, Flame Centre's WSQ Funded training programmes have been developed based on present and future skills and competencies that have been validated from employers, unions and other professional bodies. 

By participating in our WSQ-funded training programmes, you or your employees, can receive up to 90% funding under this government-led initiative.  

We offer public workshops and internal workshops for organisation through various formats - virtual or face-to-face learning, and in micro-learning or full-day workshops. 


Get up to 90% of your course fees covered for our WSQ Certified programmes 

Validated by professionals, unions and industry leaders

WSQ Certified programmes run by approved training organisations (ATOs) are rigourously vetted in order to achieve high professional standards designed for application beyond the classroom. As a part of the continuing education and training (CET) system, our programmes are aligned to build skills and competencies that have been validated by practitioners from various industries, in order to align our training for the needs of the world. 

Designed with the needs of our people and organisations in mind

Beyond meeting the list of skills and competencies outlined by the framework, our work involves deep understanding of people, culture and organisations. Our programmes are designed through learnings of best practices with industries across the world, but always with people at the core. Through this, we work with you to strengthen you organisation by playing to the strengths of your people.

For you and your organisation to thrive in the future of work

As organisations look to the future with uncertainty, we invite you to join us as we focus on skills and competencies through ways that allow us to build a transferable, adaptable, and resilient workforce. With our niche in lifelong adult learning, we look to the future of work together as a world where we can thrive together by driving through various pathways of development. 

Join our upcoming public courses

Career Coaching:

Engage, Develop and Retain your Talents

22 July 2021, Singapore

8.30 am - 5.30 pm

Face-to-face workshop with safe distancing measures in place


Our SkillsFuture Funded Programmes


Career Coaching for Managers

It is not possible for an organization to meet its goals with a disengaged, insufficiently skilled and unmotivated workforce. How does a good manager bring out the best in their employees?


SkillsFuture Funding Approved


Career Planning:

Career Resilience

in a Changing World

People who see how they can grow with your organization will contribute more, be more productive and innovative. How do you build reliable talent in your organisation?


Pending WSQ Funding 


Performance Conversations
for Managers

A high performing team with employees that are unclear about their work objectives, do not own their performance and see themselves grow with the organization is not possible. How do we align, inspire and empower them?


SkillsFuture Funding Approved


Our WSQ-funded programme formats

Our WSQ-funded programmes are now available in various formats, suited to your organisation's needs and limitations.

Face-to-face full day Learning Experience


Our FTF sessions for the public are conducted once every two months across various venues in Singapore, limited to 24 people per session with safe distancing measures implemented. Click here to view our upcoming FTF Full day public courses, or contact us to find out more about sessions conducted within your organisation, at a venue of your choice.

Virtual full-day or half-days Learning Experience


Our virtual formats are limited to 16 to 20 people per session and are designed to engage you through our curated digital format without losing the essence of Flame Centre's learning experience. We conduct full-day sessions as well as two half-day sessions for you or your organisation's learning needs. Click here to view our upcoming virtual public courses, or contact us to find out more about how we can run our virtual sessions together with your organisation.