Wholeness of the Woman Leader: A Mobile Learning Course

Woman leadership, women leaders

Wholeness of The Woman Leader

Based on the book “Wholeness in a Disruptive World“, this suite of 4 programs presents thoughts and practices to help women leaders be authentic and powerful, thereby creating great organizations where business and human spirits thrive.

woman leadership, developing woman leaders

1. Introduction
Be a whole woman at work. In this program, reconnect with your courage and commitment as a leader, and the vision of what success and wholeness looks like to you.

2. Anchoring
In this program, deep dive into the first step of the ABC pathway of a whole woman leader – Anchoring. Our anchor is who we are as an individual, and who we are in relation to our world.

wholeness, developing woman leaders, woman leadership

3. Balancing
Uncover what is balance – how embracing opposites expands our thinking and possibilities so we can find the most life-sustaining options.

4. Clearing
To be powerful in our actions, we need to connect to the when, who and what matters in the moment. This is especially important when we and the world are moving fast.

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About the Curator

CSP, MSOD, Co-founder of Flame Centre

Author of “Wholeness in a Disruptive World: Pearls of Wisdom from East and West”, Wendy is a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP) and winner of thought leadership and innovation awards. Featured in ATD,
Human Resources, OD Practitioner and she has consulted and keynoted widely in many organizations.

Program Reviews

“Thought-Provoking and practical.”
Linda Tan
Talent Development, Director, Jabil

“A valuable guide to find my true sense of self while navigating through this increasingly VUCA world.”
Priyanka Shahra

“This programme gives you a space to reflect on important topics that we usually do not take out time to think about. It connects us to our purpose so we can get back to the world with more power. The magic of ABC which Wendy shares is something every person should practice.”
Divya Parmar
Co-founder, Women in Asia

“Really important to be whole so we can be impactful in the society we live in.”
Anuradha Naik
Human Resources Director, Emerson

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