Wholeness Based Collaboration in a Digital Age

In the digital age, we operate at the fringe and cross-pollinate different fields, as we learn, solve novel problems and create new possibilities together. This means we need to look at the whole issue, identify people with the right expertise and experience and be willing to renegotiate roles and ways of working.


This changes the basis of partnering: relationships replace job descriptions, peer accountability replaces performance appraisals and systems focus replaces functional focus. The quality of the relationship determines how effectively a team goes beyond the boundaries of old job descriptions to cover the grey areas in between. Interpersonally, making and honouring promises to peers is what gets the work done. It is looking out for the whole, going beyond the functional lens, that brings expertise together to solve problems.


“Wholeness Based Collaboration” goes beyond emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills to help a team focus on the whole, contract with peers, navigate ambiguities, manage opposing interests and path-find amidst complexity.


The competitive advantage is the glue between the parts.


Learning Outcomes

 In this highly engaging workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Contract with peers to get clear on tasks and build relationships
  • Communicate their needs and working styles to deepen mutual trust
  • Say ‘no’ clearly and negotiate viable alternatives
  • Connect their work to the larger whole and realize the benefits of going beyond their roles and functional lens
  • Manage opposing interests to find a win-win solutions
  • Facilitate meetings that balance competing interests.


Program Focus

  • What is wholeness, the benefits of wholeness to team performance
  • Identifying barriers to whole thinking
  • The three pathways to wholeness: Anchoring, Balancing and Clearing
    • Anchoring – who are you beyond your functional expertise
    • Balancing – embracing opposites in our thinking
    • Clearing – letting go of judgement and negative emotions
  • Building connection and mutual trust
  • Mobius Insight Toolä to resolve opposing interests
  • Possibility conversation and getting clarity on shared vision
  • Making requests, offers, refusals and counter-offers
  • Whole meeting processä


Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to lead and contribute to a high performing team.
  • This workshop can be conducted in intact teams to create a common language across and solve problems in real time.


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