Trusted Business Partner Consulting Workshop

Do you know:

  • Every profession is undergoing disruption?
  • Repetitive work will be automated?
  • Specialized skills can be outsourced?

So what is your competitive advantage as a functional expert?

  • How well you understand the business determines how much value you can add to the business
  • How trusted you are by your stakeholders determines how much influence you have
  • How skilled you are in getting an agreement, diagnosing the problem, co-creating the solution and getting a commitment from your business leaders determines how much value you can add


Consulting Skills is your Competitive Advantage

An Effective Trusted Consultant:

  • Uses themselves as an instrument for positive change
  • Possesses business acumen and asks the right questions to add value
  • Sees the whole of the business, diagnoses problems and co-creates win-win solutions
  • Navigates grey areas without absolute answers but power comes from acute observation and having real conversations


Learning Outcomes:

In this highly experiential workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Develop their business acumen to provide strategic advice
  • Build trusted partnership with their stakeholders to solve business problems
  • Diagnose the problem to understand the big picture and leverage points clearly
  • Co-create solutions with their clients so there is client ownership
  • Negotiate mutual responsibility and commitment with their clients
  • Use themselves effectively as a trusted change champion


Program Focus:

  • Managing the Relationship
  • Building Trust and Setting Boundaries
  • Whole Organization Perspective
  • Business Acumen
  • Analyzing Client Challenges
  • Synthesizing Solutions
  • Managing Tension
  • Consultant Persona
  • Reflective Observation
  • Inquiry and Advocacy
  • Asking Insightful Questions
  • Giving Recommendations
  • Giving Affirmation


Target Audience:

  • Any functional specialist who wants to be a trusted advisor, be more powerful and effective in using their expertise to influence their stakeholders.

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