Thriving in the Future of Work

Thriving in the Future of Work

In my years working in talent development space, this is the most ground-shifting period I have experienced. I am concerned about the human world in a digital age. In a time when machines are getting more intelligent, what about human beings? How do we make a step-change in the way we learn and unlearn? How can organizations develop a culture of self-directed learning? With no certainty of organization structure or even types of future jobs, how do we navigate our careers over the 45 years? What responsibilities do organizations have in preparing their staff to be future-ready? How can managers engage, develop and retain their best people? When the ground is shifting under us, how can we nurture our own sense of wholeness, so that we are effective in supporting wholeness in the world around us?

At Flame Centre, we grapple with these questions, because we believe it is up to us to shape the world for our children and their children. We believe whilst we work to take care of the practicalities of life, we also want to do something meaningful and purposeful. Even when the future looks challenging, we believe we can all thrive in the future of work and create a better whole.

So we partner with organizations who want to thrive in the future of work, so that their people do their best work, serve their customers and innovate to create the future. We do that through our areas of specialization – career development, engagement and retention, resilience and lifelong learning.

Here’s our point of view on Career Development:

  • Reframe career development from pay and promotions to experience and exposure.
  • Move from a ‘T’ profile to a ‘M’ profile with multiple areas of expertise.
  • Have career conversations as short ‘anytime’ conversations.

Based on the books “Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go” and “Up is Not the Only Way”.


Our point of view on Engagement and Retention:

  • Engagement is 1:1, even though survey results are at group level.
  • Why do Exit Interviews, why you can do Stay Interviews?
  • Practical A to Z engagement strategies are within the control of managers.

Based on the book “Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em”


Our point of view on Resilience:

  • Anchoring deeply to know who are you.
  • Balancing by moving 100:100 across opposites over time.
  • Clearing to be empty so we can sustain 200 km/hr days.

Based on the book “Wholeness in a Disruptive World: Pearls of Wisdom from East and West”


Our point of view on Lifelong Learning:

  • Focus on the learning process.
  • Set up the workplace as a learning laboratory
  • Learning transforms us beyond our skills to our very sense of who we are.


Check out our resources on these topics. If you want to have a conversation about how we can thrive in the future of work, drop us an email!



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