Three Tips for Managers To Engage and Retain Employees

Managers play a critical role in engaging and retaining their employees. Following are three tips to ignite engagement across generations.

1. Activate CAREERS: Every individual has different ideas about what makes for satisfying work. A manager has the ability, as a career coach, to create common ground. Encourage employee responsibility for their career and provide support. Consider:

  • Scheduling career talks with all team members.
  • Coaching to explore opportunities for all members to achieve career goals.
  • Giving feedback.
  • Helping build skills in place.

“When leaders ignite engagement, they recognize the individuality each person brings to work.”

2. Create CLIMATE: Every manager has the ability to create their own “micro-climate” within their team – one that is attractive to all team members, that reflects each individual’s approach and outlook. Consider: 

  • Increasing camaraderie-building events.
  • Being open to new ideas and innovation from employees.
  • Being flexible with work schedules.
  • Delegating more tasks and learning opportunities on to team members.
  • Encouraging work/life balance.
  • Scheduling lunch dates to get to know your employees better.

3. Emphasize COMMUNICATION: Communication remains the number one area needing improvement from employee satisfaction surveys. And the truth is, the managers don’t need to know all the answers – they just need to ask and listen, then respond with what they know and be straight about what’s unknown. Consider:

  • Shifting to 25% talking, 75% listening.
  • Asking for frequent feedback.
  • Sharing the significance of each individual’s contributions regularly.
  • Beating the rumor mill – be a proactive communicator.
  • Linking employees into other teams’ meetings to network and learn with others.
  • Being visible and available to all team members.

When leaders ignite engagement, they recognize the individuality each person brings to work. When employees are engaged, they are committed, loyal and productive corporate assets!

Blog post written by Katie Wacek, Career Systems International, 29 November 2016.

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