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The framework and tools on Wholeness have been applied in the following areas:

Well Being and Change Agility

As the pace and intensity of modern life ratchet up, just running faster and harder on the treadmill of life is not sustainable for individuals, nor is it productive for organizations. We know about stress, burn out, silos and disengagement. What’s the alternative?

Wholeness. Wholeness is a sense of connectedness and balance within oneself and the world around us. Our work draws on the combined wisdom of Eastern and Western thinking to show how we can sustain our best work in the long haul and contribute to the larger world around us.

Leadership and Women in Leadership

We operate in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world with technology disrupting business models and global competition heating up. More than ever, we need the best from our people with diversity of ideas and gifts. Are we creating an environment where this diversity flourishes? Or are we unconsciously biased?

Wholeness is the result when two opposites come together – strategy + implementation, masculine + feminine, or East + West. When we allow diversity to flourish and bring the best from both opposites, we create something more creative, sustainable and energizing, all conditions for success in a disruptive world. We teach the ABC pathway towards being a Whole leader.


Executives consider 67% of meetings to be failures. We want meetings to be engines of productivity. The reality falls short. How can we really have effective and efficient meetings?

Meaningful meetings clarify tasks and deepen relationships. It is as much about discussing action steps as it is about learning. The culture of the team is embodied in meetings. How are your organization values – teamwork, excellence, innovation etc., embodied during meetings? Having meaningful meetings requires focus and skills.

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