Satisfaction Power® for Individual Contributors

Satisfaction Power® for Individual Contributors

Satisfied and engaged at work — it’s everyone’s lifelong desire and every organization’s goal. Empowered employees take action to get more satisfaction.

  • Engaged employees are satisfied employees.
  • Satisfied employees foster satisfied customers.
  • Satisfaction is personal and individual, not legislated.
  • Turnover is expensive – whether it’s emotional or physical. • Self-directed employees impact the bottom line.
  • Employees may be staying put — but engagement is likely dropping.

This half-day learning experience follows a four-step design:

  • Why Satisfaction Now? Takes a closer look at the world today and examines individual drivers for engagement.
  • What About Me? Participants get clear about what they want for themselves.
  • How Do I Start? Don’t settle for work that doesn’t satisfy — participants learnwhat they can do to improve their circumstances.

What’s Next? Great ideas are not enough! Participants develop plans that are practical, do-able, individual and sustainable.

In this workshop, individual contributors will…

  • Identify individual realities and circumstances.
  • Create a personal definition of satisfaction.
  • Recognize the personal equity each contributor holds in the organization that isnot quantified in dollars.
  • Uncover personal satisfiers as 26 practical strategies (from A to Z) are introduced.
  • Emerge with an ongoing process and personal plan for creating and sustaining asatisfying and engaging worklife.
  • Live instructor led events.
  • Flexible delivery options to accommodate different needs.
  • Facilitation certification available.

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