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Timely insights and practical advice on how we can stay balanced in the face of challenges, sustain our best work in the long haul, and contribute to the larger world around us.

“A compelling reminder”
Marshall Goldsmith

  • “Wholeness of the Woman Leader” Course

    This mobile learning course brings the thinking and practices to help women leaders be authentic and powerful, thereby creating great organizations where business and human spirits thrive. Preview it at no cost. Or email us to find out discounted prices for your organization.

Free Tool

Anchor Tool

Use this fillable PDF to reflect on your values, purpose, identity and responsibility to define your anchor.

Mobius Insight™

Use this tool to think expansively to find creative third ways forward.

Wholeness Breathing Exercise

Listen to this audio recording of a breathing exercise to clear your mind on the go.

Wholeness and Wisdom Community on Facebook

Join like minded people to receive and share ideas and inspiration on wholeness and wisdom.

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