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Radio Interview with Lee Kang Yam on Workplace Learning:
Given the world is changing at such a rapid pace

  • What can we do to maximize our learning?
  • What activates workplace learning?
  • How can we help ourselves learn, unlearn and relearn?

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Career Conversations by Managers:
Tough Questions and How Managers can Respond

  • Why bother with career conversations?
  • What is the role of managers in career development?
  • What can managers prepare staff for a changing economy?
  • Beyond forms, how can we make career conversations happen?
  • Career development – where is the focus, career or development?

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Take Charge of your Career

  • How do I navigate 40 years of my career?
  • How can I move forward in my career?
  • How can I continuously grow and learn to be relevant in the ever changing world of work?

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