Performance Management for Individual Contributors

Why do managers change their expectations so frequently? Why is it so difficult to motivate myself? Why is it so difficult to be honest in the performance review session? These are the usual questions that arise whenever we mentioned the phrase “performance review”. Properly done, performance review should make us feel energized, motivated and raring to scale new performance heights.

Wouldn’t it be great if you caninject a sense of meaning of hope and reflection in the process instead of merely going through the paperwork? We believed that the majority of our unhappiness comes from a lack of understanding of what performance management is, how the review is carried out and how we can take control to achieve the performance we want.

  • Competencies in performance review
  • Energy and Performance Zones
  • Commitment and Accountability in performance motivation
  • Power of Habits in Performance
  • Performance versus Development Feedback
  • 70:20:10 Development Ideas
  • Career Fit Model
  • Career Development Conversations
  • Individual Development Planning

In this workshop, , individual contributors will…

  • Uncover your strengths and link them to organisational competencies;
  • Clarify and manage expectations of others to achieve agreed results;
  • Manage your energy level and performance zones to detect early signs of performance burnout;
  • Navigate a performance review session successfully for a meaningful outcome
  • Develop a growth mind-set to uncover different sources of motivation to increase drive and performance;
  • Get and differentiate between Performance Feedback and Development Feedback;
  • Use Career Fit Model to hold career development conversations with supervisor; and
  • Create a meaningful Individual Development Plan.
  • Live instructor led events.
  • Flexible delivery options to accommodate different needs.

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