Leading with Wholeness in a Disruptive World™


Leading in the digital world is challenging – navigating uncertainty, managing paradox and trade-off, seeing ambiguous situations clearly and staying calm in spite of turbulence. Running harder and faster on the treadmill of work is not sustainable nor effective in the long run. How leaders act in these situations has a pivotal impact on their organizations.

To bring their organization on a transformational journey, leaders need to reach within themselves to clarify their purpose and values, think expansively to find the creative ways and inspire people to collaborate, learn and embrace new ways. This program draws on the wisdom of East and West to challenge and stretch the thinking of leaders so that they can lead with wisdom and impact. The course is based on the popular book, Wholeness in a Disruptive World: Pearls of Wisdom from East and West.


Learning Outcomes

In this highly engaging workshop, leaders will help themselves and their team:

  • Develop their cognitive flexibility to see the bigger picture and generate more creative solutions
  • Apply 3 key strategies to overcome the impact of disruptive forces
  • Create mental space in their busy lives to access insights for better decision making
  • Increase flexibility and change readiness
  • Adopt practices to operate from their higher order purpose and values to inspire courage and commitment
  • Reduce burnout and craft out a personal strategy for working and living holistically
  • Devise ways to achieve more with ease


Program Focus

  • What wholeness and whole leadership bring to business
  • Barriers to whole thinking
  • Benefits of wholeness
  • Western management ideas and Eastern perspectives
  • The 3 pathways to wholeness: Anchoring, Balancing and Clearing
    • Anchoring –purpose, values, identity and responsibilities of a leader
    • Balancing – embracing opposites in our thinking in complexity
    • Clearing – decluttering and focusing on the go
  • Managing tension in organizations
  • Daily ABC practices


Target Audience

This program is for leaders who want to lead effectively in complex times, helping them both manage themselves and others well.


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