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Interview on Channel News Asia

Fear in the Workplace

Am I Too Pushy?

It’s All Implementation, Or Is It?

Shifting the Narrative

Let’s Slow Down

Gift Mindedness

I’m Here to Fix You

Patriarchal World

Presenting Problem

Project Manager

Risky Business

The Book Is Just A Book!

Let’s Get Real

Flawless Consulting: Getting Your Expertise Used

by Peter Block
For over three decades Peter Block’s “Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used” has provided a proven methodology for helping business leaders and employees have influence where they have no direct control, forge trusted business partnerships, drive business results and improve the organizational landscape. This third edition addresses new business challenges since the second edition was written and also explores what’s on the minds of “next generation” consultants. Based on his Flawless Consulting workshops, the book is for anyone seeking to effect positive organizational change and gain better use of their expertise.

Workshop Brochures

Flawless Consulting Part 1: Contracting Brochure
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Flawless Consulting Part 2: Discovery and Feedback Brochure
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