Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Microlearning Module


Why invest in career conversations:

  • Millenials staff crave challenge and development in their job. Help them grow or watch them go.
  • The workforce needs to reskill to implement new strategies for the organization to succeed in a disruptive world.
  • Career development is constantly amongst the top 3 drivers of engagement and retention.
  • Responsibility of the organization to help employees navigate through the tsunami changes in the future of work.

The focus areas of this 2-hour module include:

  • The Business Case for Career Development
  • The Manager’s Role in Career Conversations
  • The Conversation Process:
  1. Hindsight–Leaders will learn how to work with their employees to help them understand themselves and understand how they are seen by others.
  2. Foresight– Using interactive exercises, leaders will learn the importance of helping their employees look forward, to see what is changing and open their minds to the broader world, the future, organizational issues, changes and the implications of all of these, to better focus on future development opportunities.
  3. Insight– Leaders can now explore with the employees how best to define career success, and look at opportunities to grow beyond the traditional “UP” direction, seeing opportunities to move up, down and all around – including how to grow right where they are.
  • Practice in holding career conversations and formulating plans for action.

Key Outcomes

When managers have completed this module, they will:

  • Understand the business case for and their role in career conversations
  • Have a practical framework for career conversations
  • Know how they can turn everyday work discussions into development conversations
  • Develop confidence in asking powerful career questions
  • Plan for career conversations with employees

Ultimately, managers will have more competence and confidence in having career conversations with their team.

What do past participants say:

Gave me a simple and easy to use framework to navigate career conversations.” – manager from Ingersoll Rand

Fast-paced with exercises and discussions. Important to know the difference between development conversations and task-oriented discussions so we can balance both better.” – manager from Nexteer

Delivery Options

Onsite instructor led, virtual instructor led and internal trainer certification available.


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