Getting Good People to Stay

The Renowned Engagement and Retention Workshop for Managers.

Help managers understand, and own, their role in engaging and retaining talent and empower them with full accountability for talent management within their business unit.

Based on the 5th edition of the bestselling book, Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em by Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans, in this workshop, managers develop critical skills to build more meaningful workplace relationships in order to unleash the full potential and capabilities of their direct reports. The workshop provides a powerful and lasting experience that both proves and reinforces an important point: Engagement and retention doesn’t have to be complicated.

In this workshop managers will…

  • Participate in action activities and skill building exercises as they tackle their real-world engagement and retention challenges.
  • Accurately assess their strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Practice methods for holding short, powerful, and frequent engagement conversations, including the “Stay Interview”.
  • Develop individual action plans to immediately begin implementing strategies in the workplace for fast results.

Build managers’ competence and confidence. Flame Centre will help you design, develop, and deliver a powerful training experience with all the support tools you’ll need to measure the impact and sustain momentum for maximum business results.

Workshop Objectives and Outcomes

The objective of the workshop is to equip managers with the mindset, knowledge and skills to better engage and retain their employees.

  • Managers learn the cause and costs of disengagement and accept their role in the solution.
  • Provide managers with the words, strategies and actions, along with a proven process to follow.
  • Managers practice new skills and develop preliminary engagement plans.
  • Managers understand their capacity and opportunities in people engagement and retention.
  • Build a focused, loyal and enthusiastic workforce using everyday conversations.
Who should attend?

People Managers.

Workshop Outline

This fast-paced, interactive experience is delivered in a flexible format to accommodate multiple learning preferences. Using self-assessment tools, action learning, and skill building exercises, managers learn key strategies to engage and build sustainable loyalty and commitment. The design follows seven key messages:

  • Talent in the Spotlight: introduces key concepts and facts to support engagement.
  • People Stay for More Than Pay: reviews personal motivators and engagement drivers, uncovers talent at risk.
  • The Buck Stops Here: reinforces the influence of the manager.
  • Am I a Talent Magnet: assesses strengths, opportunities and strategies for building an engaged team.
  • Ask – So You Don’t Have to Guess: introduces planning, facilitates practice, and provides a template for effective conversations.
  • Strategies That Work: examines 26 practical ways to improve engagement levels and inspire loyalty.
  • From Ask to Action – Making It Happen: designs and prioritizes action-based engagement plans for individual direct reports.

1 Day

Workshop Methodology

This workshop uses adult learning methodology with an emphasis on applications. Prior to the workshop, participants will be asked to fill in a self-assessment tool (Talent Focused Manager), so that self-reflection on their engagement practices starts before the workshop. During the session, there will be mixture of content presentation, discussions, use of tools and video clip(s), and role plays. Participants complete the workshop with an action plan to apply these ideas and tools to engage and retain their staff.


Workshop materials for each participant include:

  • Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em® book
  • Participant workbook
  • Self-Assessment Tools, such as “Invest in Your Values®”, “High-Risk Behaviors”, “Talent Focused Manager” (self-version)
  • 3 copies of “Talent Focused Manager” (respondent version) for their staff to fill in and give feedback to the manager
  • Action Planner

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