Flawless Consulting™ Workshop Part 2: Discovery & Feedback

10 & 11 March 2016, Singapore

Even the best of consulting relationships can get difficult when we decide to move ahead with a project and gather the data we need to solve the business problem. Our problem: we often ignore the political system we are operating in and focus on just data and facts. We also intuitively realize that what the client wants, won’t solve the problem. So how do we tell the client what we know they do not want to hear? Flawless Consulting 2: Discovery & Feedback will provide you with the skills to uncover the social system in which the technical solutions and recommendations you and the client develop will be put into action. This workshop, designed by Peter Block helps consultants provide real feedback in ways that build the client/consultant relationship and build trust.

The Promises

The objectives of Flawless Consulting 2: Discovery are to develop feedback and decision support skills that increase your ability to have a strong and positive impact on their client’s business results.

Targeted outcomes include:

  • Practice a data collection or discovery model
  • Conduct interviewing meetings to collect data around a business issue
  • Deal with resistance in the data collection process
  • Gain skills in turning recommendations into a decision to act
  • Conduct a successful feedback meeting
  • Identify methods for mapping out action steps with client prior to implementation
  • Increase line manager commitment.

The Concepts
The Discovery Phase

The business of this phase of flawless consulting includes going beyond the client’s presenting problem and finding out how the problem is being managed. In addition, you will learn how to help identify the client’s contribution to the problem and develop a simple, clear and independent picture of the situation.

Using Interviews to Understand the System and Build Relationships

Beyond simple interviewing techniques, you will learn how to conduct interviews and gather information on the present goals, procedures and relationships affecting the problem as well as understanding what the future goals and relationships might be. You discover the importance of understanding that all data collection takes place in a political system. You will be reminded that the interview itself is the intervention.

Probing to Discover the Underlying Dimensions of the Problem

The goal of the interview is to discover the underlying problem of what is occurring in your organization. This workshop will help you develop the skills to ask the right questions, at the right moment, with the right empathy to get the most accurate picture of the situation. You will also learn how to quickly build the trust needed to gather the necessary information.

Dealing with Resistance in Interviews and the Feedback Meeting

Individuals really don’t hate change, they just dislike being coerced. When we meet resistance, we tend to take it personally. This workshop will help you understand that resistance most often is the client’s expression of their underlying concern. If we take it personally, it will only get in the way of dealing with it effectively. Through repeated practice, you will discover the key to utilizing resistance and change as a chance for learning and developing deeper, more effective and meaningful relationships with your clients.

Organizing the Data into Critical Issues

We have all of our data. We are ready to go. Wanting to be helpful, our instinct is to flood the client with data. But it is to our detriment to barge ahead without carefully considering how to organize and interpret the data for our client. You will learn to select the ones that are critical and deliver them to your client in a powerful and empathetic way. You will also learn to develop recommendations or ways to help your client act on the issues. More importantly, you will develop the skills and courage to tell the client things that no one else will reveal.

Constructing Descriptive, Non-evaluative Feedback Statements

Fact: the client has always contributed to the problem in some way. This makes it important that we offer our perceptions in ways that can be heard, accepted and acted upon. Many times we also need to relax our rein on the ownership of the data and recommendations and support the client with how they want to proceed.

The Agenda
Day 1 (9:00-5:00 p.m.)

  • Introduction — Contracting Revisited
  • Form Consulting Teams
  • Teams Conduct a Contracting Meeting with a Client _ The Data Collection and Discovery Phase
  • Resistance in Data Collection Interviews
  • Teams Conduct Data Collection Interviews
  • Organizing the Data
  • Developing Impactful Feedback Language
  • Process the Learning

Day 2 (9:00-5:00 p.m.)

  • The Feedback Phase
  • Resistance in Feedback Meetings
  • Conduct Team Feedback Meetings
  • Contract with Self
  • Final Feedback on Consulting Strengths
  • Future Commitments

The Participants

Individuals in positions such as human resources, training, organizational development, information systems, finance, safety, purchasing, engineering. That is anyone who is in a position of having influence without direct control.

Workshop Leader

Lee Kang Yam is the Chief Learning Curator for The Flame Centre. His professional career revolves around building the capabilities and capacities of individuals to fulfill organizational goals.  Kang Yam has a keen interest in designing impactful learning experiences and he want to use his skills to help people move towards a better understanding of themselves, their aspirations and skills. He firmly believes that it is often not just about skills or tools, but the way we are with our clients. In his work, he brings together the integrations of skills and values, and challenges participants to venture deeper into the spirit of the work.

As a consultant and trainer, he has travelled widely around Asia Pacific and conducted workshops for companies such as Rio Tinto, BP Castrol, Whirlpool, Exxon Mobil, Aviva, Honeywell, Corning International, Hewlett Packard and Merrill Lynch. He has also designed many challenging and impactful training and development experiences for organizations such as Prudential, Michelin, Aviva, Intraco Inc, Civil Service College, Port of Singapore Authority and Singapore Police Force Training Command.


This workshop is highly interactive. You will become deeply immersed in the material through interactive simulations with one or two other attendees. The workshop also includes written exercises to apply key concepts to your own unique situation. In addition videotaping in small groups is used to analyze actual situations. Finally, you will have the opportunity to experience a full contracting meeting. Brief lectures are used to present initial key concepts. Numerous handouts in addition to the participants’ manual are used to increase understanding and application of important concepts.

Flawless Consulting 1 (FC1): Contracting is the first part of a two module series. The second module Flawless Consulting 2 (FC2): Discovery & Feedback is another 2-days and FC1 is a prerequisite to attending this.

Workshop Fee

SGD$1600 per participant
Early bird fee: SGD$1500 per participant (register and pay by 1 Feb 2016)
Group registration fee: SGD$1400 per participant (2 or more participants from the same organization, register and pay by 1 Feb 2016)

Register for Flawless Consulting Part 1 and 2 together at $3200 per participant. Early bird fee at $3000 and group fee at $2800 per participant by 1 Feb 2016.

This workshop fee includes all workshop materials.
Please email enquiries@flamecentre.com for more information or to register.

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