Flawless Consulting™: Contracting, Discovery and Feedback

Gaining Influence without Authority

Whether you’re in HR, Finance, Quality, IT, Business Improvement, as long as you are in a role to solve business problems or deliver projects using your expertise, you need to influence when you’re not in control.

The challenge is how to influence and get our expertise used?

This workshop is to help you do that – gain influence when you’re not in control.

Our relationship with the client is the vehicle for influence.

The Promises

We teach skills that help participants:

1. Have their expertise better utilized.

2. Undercover deeper needs that clients have.

3. Differentiate themselves through the way they partner with their clients.

4. Have their recommendations more frequently implemented.

5. Avoid nowin consulting situations.

6. Develop internal commitment in their clients.

7. Establish more trusting relationships with clients.

You will leave with confidence and renewed optimism in your ability to influence your clients and do good work. Through powerful experiential designs, participants will learn how to be a trusted business partner to their clients.

This work is based on the best-selling book, Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used by Peter Block. It has been voted by Organization Development Network as one of the most influential books in the last 40 years.

Overall Skills

  • Establishing a 5050 business partnership with a client
  • Providing direct support to the client
  • Being able to identify the form client resistance is taking
  • Putting client resistance into words and discussing it with the client
  • Treating nonverbal behavior as important
  • Being assertive with the client
  • Asking for feedback from the client on how your work with them is going.

Contracting Skills

  • Obtaining clarity on who is the real client manager.
  • Suggesting the possibility of no contract with the client.
  • Eliciting the client’s expectations of you.
  • Clearly stating what you want from the client.
  • Probing directly for the underlying concerns about losing control, exposure and vulnerability.

Discovery Skills

  • Asking questions about the client’s own personal role in causing or maintaining the target problem.
  • Asking questions about what others in the organization are doing to cause or maintain the target   problem.
  • Involving the client in interpreting the data and generating recommendations.
  • Recognizing the similarity between how the client manages you and how they manage their own organization.
  • Condensing the data into a limited number of issues.

Feedback Skills

  • Confronting the client with all relevant data collected, even if it wasn’t part of the original assignment.
  • Giving descriptive rather than evaluative feedback.
  • Feeding back to the client personal data about their behavior in handling the target problem.
  • Understanding that client criticism and resistance is not directed at you personally.

The Participants

Individuals in positions such as human resources, training, organizational development, information systems, finance, safety, purchasing, engineering. That is anyone who is in a position of having influence without direct control.

Client Testimonies

“Flawless Consulting workshop is a good training for HR professionals. It helps HR professionals become real business partners through various approaches – contracting, discovery and feedback. What’s more important is that it helps HR staff think and act as professional consultants with their unique and powerful perspectives.” 
Madelaine Zhang, Human Resources Director at Whirlpool China

“Flawless Consulting was extremely valuable in helping me understand the modes I can play as a regional marketing manager, how to get my expertise to be utilized and how to influence my stakeholders whom I have no direct authority over.”
Lesley Lin, Customer Experience and Capability, Castrol China

“We used Flawless Consulting in the professional development of our Project Managers. The facilitators conducted a needs analysis & listened carefully to some of the common challenges. The workshop was very successful. Four week after the workshop, we are starting to see positive results in participants applying the techniques.”
Kate Hareb, Programme Manager, Aviva Asia Pte Ltd

“Flame Centre conducted Flawless Consulting workshop for one of our leadership teams. It exceeded the expectations of the participants and sponsor by the quality of insights provided by the facilitator and the overall team engagement.” 
Sai Krishnan Mohan, Senior Consultant, Honeywell, Bangalore

“I enjoyed partnering with Flame Centre in both the facilitation skills and consulting skills workshops for my team and internal clients. They exemplified the behaviours of authenticity and really walked their talk. They understood our business, and were able to respond to our needs with agility. In addition, they were flexible in adapting their framework to the different contexts, so that the solutions were practical and met our business needs.”
Ronnie Tan, Head of Talent, Leadership & Learning, Aviva Ltd

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